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Discover national parks and islands in Dalmatia by bike & boat

Cycling tours in Dalmatia

Dalmatia has countless wonderful natural beauties in store for you and is filled to the brim with cultural highlights. In the north of Dalmatia you will discover by cruise on one of our comfortable motor yachts the national parks with countless small islands and spectacular waterfalls. In southern Dalmatia, the incomparably beautiful lavender island of Hvar, the tranquility of the artist village of Stari Grad and the UNESCO World Heritage cities of Trogir, Split and Dubrovnik await you. By bike you will be guided by our experienced tour guide to the most beautiful corners of the Mediterranean island world. Most of the trips are designed as e-bike tours. Back on board, exclusive bathing pleasure awaits you in secluded bays, enjoyable relaxation on the sun deck and the attentive service of a friendly crew.

Our bike tours in Dalmatia

This is how beautiful dalmatia is

Fantastic cycling across islands
Experience Dalmatia's Mediterranean islands by bike and boat, what a dream! What's more, you can use an e-bike on our cycle and boat tours and take every ascent in a relaxed manner. You cycle through hilly to mountainous terrain with a few metres of elevation gain. Occasionally there are steep inclines to contend with, but you are welcome to push the bike on these. You cycle mostly on asphalted, small side roads, either independently using the maps or with your tour guide. You decide for yourself.

Dalmatian highlights
A wealth of charming Mediterranean towns with historic buildings awaits you in Dalmatia. Which one will you give first prize to? Split looks like an open-air museum that has fallen out of time. It is home to the magnificent Palace of Diocletian, a UNESCO World Heritage Site built from 295 AD. Dubrovnik is also known as the "Pearl of the Adriatic". Take a tour of the 1,940 metre long city wall built in the 16th century with fortresses, towers and bastions, within which you will find buildings and palaces in the Baroque, Renaissance and Gothic styles in the old town.
Šibenik's medieval old town is also extremely picturesque and is crowned by the Cathedral of St James. Zadar's old town, situated on a peninsula, is home to Roman and Venetian ruins: a city wall with Venetian gates and the Roman forum surrounded by the 11th century St Mary's Monastery. Trogir, situated on an island, boasts buildings in the Renaissance, Baroque and Romanesque styles.

Celebrations and festivals
Dalmatia is a great place to celebrate. Split hosts the annual summer festival with classical music, jazz, opera and ballet performances. Split is also home to the Mediterranean Film Festival. In Dubrovnik, the summer festival is held every year in August: There is music, dance and theatre on 33 open-air stages, as well as in palaces, churches and monasteries. Zadar attracts visitors with the Sunset Festival, during which local and international stars of house and techno music come together.

Peka and Pag cheese
Dalmatia has a lot to offer gourmets. The cuisine often revolves around fish, vegetables and olive oil, with bay leaf, sage and rosemary for flavour, and often garlic. For example, try black risotto, a rice dish with squid, which is responsible for the colour. Other seafood such as mussels or crustaceans are also often included. Oysters are also popular. Dalmatian ham, whose pork is air-dried and smoked, is famous. Peka made from meat or fish, garnished with vegetables and herbs, is something you will come across again and again: The ingredients are cooked under a dome-shaped bell made of ceramic, cast iron or clay. The steam remains under the bell and the dish remains juicy and tender. Cheese from the island of Pag is made from goat's milk and tastes aromatic and slightly salty. The excellent Dalmatian wines are a favourite accompaniment: Plavac Mali, red wine from Hvar, or white wines such as Pošip, Rukatac, Dubrovnik Malvasia, Kujundžuša, Vis Vugava and Debit. Also famous is the dessert liqueur Maraschino, which has been produced in Zadar for ages and was a favourite of the rulers in the 18th century. Perhaps it will become yours too.

The natural paradise of Dalmatia
On our cycle tours through Dalmatia, you can expect countless marvellous natural beauties, spectacular waterfalls and national parks with their many small islands. For example, you will travel by boat through the Krka Fjord towards the thundering waterfalls in the Krka National Park. You will discover numerous islands, one next to the other, in the turquoise blue Adriatic Sea in the Kornati National Park. The purple-coloured, fragrant lavender island of Hvar is also a gem. On the island of Dugi Otok, you will discover towering cliffs in the nature park. Telašćica Bay in the Telašćica Nature Park is one of the largest natural harbours on the Adriatic. Bird species such as the grey falcon and Eleonora's falcon nest on the high cliffs there. Finally, the Kornati National Park delights visitors with its extremely species-rich underwater world. Secluded, cosy bays can be found everywhere. Swim, swim and snorkel to your heart's content!

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