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Sunshine, beaches and coastal cliffs

Cycling vacation in denmark

Denmark – that’s 7313 klometres of coastline with a great number of big and minuscule islands connected by bridges and ferry lines. Cozy half-timbered houses with thick thatched roofs, a coat of colorful paint and lovingly tended gardens around them form the scenery for an unbeatable cycling experience. Many thousand kilometres of bike trail cover the country like a tight cobweb, running through dunes and natural conservancies.

Our biking trips in denmark

This is how beautiful denmark is

Cycling Nation Denmark
The Danish cycle paths and routes stretch across the entire country and its many islands. The several thousand kilometers of paths are well and comprehensively signposted, mostly with white lettering on a blue background. Nine out of ten Danes own a bicycle. So it is clear that you are in a real cycling nation here.

Castle and bridge, modern and ancient architecture
Whether on Seenland, the largest island in the Baltic Sea in Denmark, on a round trip around the Little Belt, a star bike tour around Copenhagen or on Bornholm, everywhere you will discover the cute clinker brick houses covered with thatch, often with roses. But also visit Copenhagen's iconic Nyhavn neighborhood, a former workers' settlement whose canal-side houses have been renovated and brightly painted. These days, they're considered chic. Also in the Danish capital, Amalienborg Castle is worth a visit or Tivoli Amusement Park, Denmark's most popular attraction. In Middelfart, a town on the Little Belt, the Lillebæltsbroen lures visitors out of the saddle, an impressive combined road and rail bridge built in 1935. Bornholm is home to Northern Europe's largest castle ruin, Hammershus, perched on a 74-meter cliff.

Flea markets
Typical for Denmark are the many craft and flea markets. Flea markets are called "Loppemarked" in Denmark and take place everywhere. In Copenhagen there is even an indoor flea market in the center Remisen. The oldest flea market in the city is held on Halmtorvet, and the antique market is held on Thorvaldsen

Square. Also famous are the flea markets of Esbjerg and Søndervig. One of the largest and best known is the OVNUS crafts market in Odsherred northwest Zealand. A true Danish passion. Stroll through the colorful hustle and bustle and let yourself drift.

Smørre and Stjerne
Smørrebrød, the most famous Danish dish, is the name of the buttered bread topped with many things, which you can find practically everywhere. Stjerneskud is also a type of Smørrebrød, but topped even more elaborately with plaice fillet, shrimp, lettuce and Limfjord caviar. Actually, it consists of "fish and fish and fish and a little bread," as one Dane put it. Well described. The third Danish passion is pølser, hot dogs. But the real national dish is called "Stegt flæsk med persillesovs," pork with parsley sauce and potatoes. It has been around for centuries, they say, and is the favorite of the Danes.

Black sun
7,400 kilometers of coastline on the North Sea and Baltic Sea make the heart of ocean lovers beat faster. The small country also has a whole five national parks with a wide variety of landscapes: Dune and heath landscapes, mud flats, marshlands, lakes and lagoons, state and royal forests. For example, you can also observe seals and the migration of the many birds. The "black sun" (Sort sol) actually consists of hundreds of thousands of starlings, which perform a kind of imaginative dance, obscuring the sun. A unique natural experience!

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