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'Pättkes', wild horses and flamingos

Münsterland bike tour

Discover Münsterland, the cyclists' paradise that puts a spell on all bikers. As you ride through beautiful villages, pastures, and meadows, you will have the chance to see castles, palaces and former courts. The routes are mostly flat, well-paved bike trails- the so-called "Pättkes" that are typical of Münsterland. Plenty of signs make finding your way easy, and allow you to concentrate on the scenery rather than not getting lost. This also means you can safely pick your own route from one stop to the next.

Our bike tours in the Münsterland

This is how beautiful it is in the Münsterland

Cycling Paradise Münsterland

Münsterland is known as one of the best cycling regions in Germany. There is a well-developed network of bike paths with over 4,500 kilometers that lead through the picturesque landscape. The flat topography and the many sights along the routes make cycling in Münsterland a special experience.

Water castles and palaces

Münsterland is home to many impressive moated castles and palaces. These historic structures bear witness to the region's rich history and offer visitors the opportunity to immerse themselves in times gone by. Some of the most famous castles and palaces include Burg Vischering, Schloss Nordkirchen and Burg Hülshoff.

Lively cultural scene

Münsterland has a vibrant cultural scene with a variety of museums, galleries and theaters. The city of Münster itself is a historic university town with a lively art scene and is home to the

renowned LWL Museum of Art and Culture, among others. In addition, Münsterland is home to many cultural events such as concerts, theater performances and festivals.

Hearty cuisine

The regional cuisine of Münsterland is characterized by hearty meals and traditional dishes. Pumpernickel, kale, Münsterland grain and cheese are just a few examples of the region's culinary specialties. Farms and farm stores offer fresh and regional products that visitors can taste and buy.

Quality of life close to nature

Münsterland is considered a region with a high quality of life. Authentic cities, original villages, beautiful nature with wide park landscapes make the region particularly lovable. The people of Münsterland are close to nature. They value their environment and attach particular importance to the issue of sustainability.

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