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Deep blue lakes, white pebble beach and red geranium.

Bicycle vacation at the Munich lakes

Starting in the beautiful city of Munich, our Munich Lakes Tour leads you right into the heart of a Bavarian dream. The lovely bike routes and small side roads are mostly flat lanes along blue lakes of good water quality passing through flower-adorned typical Bavarian villages.

Our cycling tours at the Munich lakes

This is how beautiful it is at the Munich lakes

Cycling from lake to lake

You cycle on beautiful cycle paths, small side roads and rarely once a short stretch on a main road. Mostly the paths are asphalted, only on some sections you ride on water-bound surface. On the whole, the route is flat, but with a few steep climbs where those who love their bikes may push. The alpine panorama is always in view, but don't worry, you don't have to pedal up.


The real attractions of this tour are the many shimmering lakes. First you reach Lake Starnberg, which has an almost magical effect: in the background the Alpine chain, in the foreground swans and a giant tree, the whole thing bathed in soft focus: a fascinating silhouette all the way to the southern tip in Seeshaupt. Then the landscape changes and leads over green hills, past cows and villages and the green shining Easter lakes to the Riegsee and to Murnau. At the Staffelsee there, the sunsets are incomparably beautiful. Further on you cycle through the Murnauer Moos, with the Zugspitze in the background to the Barmsee, which reflects the Karwendel mountains in its water, and to the source of the Isar. The Sylvensteinsee dams the Isar and looks like a fjord in some places. Finally, you will reach the deep blue Tegernsee.  Finally, marvel at the flickering of the turquoise-colored Isar River, along which you will return to the state capital of Munich.

Blauer Reiter and Lüftlmalereien

Stroll through the Lenbachhaus in Munich and be fascinated by the works of the Blauer Reiter artists' association, whose largest collection in the world is housed here. In Murnau, visit the so-called Münterhaus, the former home of painter Gabriele Münter, where even the staircase banister is decorated with an equestrian

frieze, by Wassily Kandinsky. In the Murnau Castle Museum there are other paintings by the Blue Rider Association. Many artists also lived and still live at Tegernsee, and their works are exhibited in galleries or at the mundart. In pretty Wallgau, art is even emblazoned on the walls of houses: Lüftlmalereien decorate the buildings.

Diverse specialties

Boundless variety characterizes the culinary offerings at Munich's lakes: Try a smoked venison in Starnberg. In Murnau, they also serve fish from the surrounding lakes, but also game from the surrounding forests, and at Lake Tegernsee, the freshly caught char tastes particularly good. Of course, typical Bavarian delicacies such as pork knuckles or roast pork, Obazda or white sausages are served everywhere. Since we are in Bavaria, a good beer is a must - in Munich one from the Hofbräuhaus or in Murnau one from Griesbräu or the Karg brewery.

Pure nature

The Starnberger Fünf-Seen-Land comprises nine nature reserves, two thirds of Lake Starnberg are protected. Countless bird species live here, including rare ones such as common terns and red-throated divers. The water is amazingly clear and has a visibility depth of up to 14 meters. Fish, mussels and stoneworts live in it. The area around the Easter Lakes is also a protected landscape. In the largest contiguous moor in Central Europe, the Murnauer Moos, many endangered animal and plant species have found a home. In general, you will find pure nature throughout the entire bike tour: Whether at the source of the Isar surrounded by wild and untouched nature or at the idyllically situated Tegernsee.

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