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Own bike or Velociped tourer? The decision is up to you. If you have a good bike of your own: perfect. Otherwise, we recommend you our tour-approved Velociped bikes. We put them at your disposal at the starting point of your tour and collect them at destination. The Velociped tourer is conceived specially for cycling tours. It offers maximum running comfort and highest possible safety, and already had proven excellent performance over thousands of kilometres.

Velociped tourer and equipment

The Velociped tourer. Many arguments for choosing it.

The tourer will be at your disposal from the tour beginning, recently checked and exactly fitting your size. For a better knowledge of our tourers, find herebelow the most important facts.

The basic equipment:

Particularly shockproff 28” wheels, special front-whell hubs for maximum smooth-running quality, simple 7-speed hub with back-pedal brake, or 27-speed dérailleur, always two handbrakes for front and back wheel, comfortable gel-saddle, all-around chain guard and a waterproof, spacious luggage bag.

The right sitting position: 

Without using any tool, the saddle can be moved to the right position. Thanks to a special device for the adjustment of the angle of declination, the handlebars allow every sitting position – whether in a sportively hunched-up stance or in an upright position easy on one's back.

The right frame: 

We offer men's bikes with different frame heights suitable for sizes of 160 to 200 cm. Velociped ladies'bikes whip all persons with a size from 150 cm and up into shape. The practical step-through frame makes getting on and off easier, and is now also becoming an increasingly popular option with men. Our juvenile bikes are suitable for heights of 120 to 145 cm.


We would recommend the 7-speed tourer for all those that are looking for a back-pedal brake and wide gel seat for maximum comfort in an upright sitting position. It is equipped with a simple hub gear shift and is perfectly suited to tours on flat to slightly hilly terrain. Technical details:
7-speed-tourer >



The 27-speed tourer is the best choice for cyclists that value the advantages of the dérailleur gear shift for flexibility whilst going up and down hills. This bike allows you to be a little more active without compromising on saddle comfort and practical everyday suitability. Technical details:
27-speed-tourer >



E-bikes combine a lot of advantages. The electric drive ensures a completely relaxed cycling, even during long tours or on hilly routes. Other features, such as a suspension seat post and front fork plus well-tuned gears, ensure additional riding comfort. Find out more:
E-Bike >


Juvenile bike

On our juvenile bikes the fun factor is built right in: the robust structure with gel seat, sturdy aluminium frame and straight tourer handlebars with easy-to-use, modern 24-speed dérailleur gear shift even allows young cycling enthusiasts to go “off piste” onto uneven ground. The Velociped juvenile bike is suitable for ages 9 to 14 and heights 120 to 145 cm. Technical details:
Juvenile bike >


Child transporter

The child transporter allows you to strap 1 to 2 children in safely with plenty of space to sit comfortably, play or even sleep during the journey and a roof over their heads. The child transporter also offers plenty of benefits for the adults, being easily manoeuvrable, laterally stable and easy to attach to any bike or e-bike in a few simple steps. Technical details:
Child transporter >


Booster seat

Taking even the youngest children on tour isn’t a problem with a booster seat: the Römer Jockey Comfort used at Velociped meets the highest requirements – both in terms of safety and in terms of correct sitting posture for children between 9 months and 4 years of age. We selected this booster seat for our hire service because it can be easily and fully adjusted to the right size, from the head rest to the foot supports, offers a large spoke guard and allows children to be carried securely and comfortably. Technical details:
Booster seat >


Funtrailer for kids

For children aged approx. 3 to 8, a funtrailer can be a good alternative to their own bike – particularly on slightly longer routes. With the funtrailer children can actually work the pedals, even if the main propulsion is still provided by the adult. The seat posts and handlebars can be adjusted for different heights (100–135 cm) and the 6-speed gear shift allows children to set the optimum pedal stroke themselves. Technical details:
Funtrailer for kids >


Equipment and accessory

So that you have everything you need on your bike tour quickly to hand, we equip you with a couple of useful tour companions, e.g. a bag or an emergency kit, at the start. You can also select other handy tools, such as a GPS device (upon provision of a deposit) or mileage counter, depending on your personal needs. More details:
Equipment and accessory >


For all our bikes we guarantee you a 100% repair service.

Please mind: For tours organised with selected partners, we cannot put our original Velociped tourers or e-bikes at your disposal. Nevertheless, our partners will have equally matched bikes for rent available on site.

One's own bike

You can ride your own bike. Provided that it complies with the following criteria: 

  • multiple gears
  • tyres wide enough
  • general road safety

In case it breaks down during the tour, we will of course see to help you.

You now receive special conditions when you book a trip.