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Bike tours through the Baltic states

Cycling vacation at the baltic sea

Do you feel like doing guided bike tours through virgin forest, cycling along intact lakes and across landscapes without being disturbed by any car for hours? Or through villages of the last centuries, or would you like to marvel at the baroque splendor of restored towns? You would? Then come to the Baltic states. On this guided tour, you will discover Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania. With a sprinkling of very interesting guided tours, you will get to know not only the three Baltic states but also their people and their history. Bike tours educate.

Our biking trips at the baltic sea

This is how beautiful the baltic states are

If you cycle through the Baltic States, i. e. through Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania, you hardly ever encounter a car. You cycle on small side roads, forest, sand and gravel roads, but also on rough asphalted roads covered with rough rollsplit mostly through flat terrain. Sometimes there are even smaller climbs.

Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania

On this three-country tour you will be surrounded by forests, lakes, villages with wooden houses and baroque towns.


Estonia's capital Tallinn is located on the Baltic Sea. A city wall runs around the cobblestone streets of the historic old town. Also visit the defence tower Kiek in de Kök. The next Estonian highlight is the island of Saaremma, Estonia's largest island, with the medieval spa town of Kuressaare and the cliffs of Panga. The medieval town of Pärnu, the largest city in the country, is Estonia's number one holiday destination. There are long sandy beaches, sea, rivers, promenades and historic bathhouses.


In Latvia you will cycle to the medieval castle ruins in Cesis and continue along the river Gauja to Sigulda and finally to the museum reserve Turaida with the walled castle. Riga, the "Paris of the North" will impress you with 800 restored Art Nouveau houses, elegant streets and small winding alleys. Relax on the beach of the Baltic Sea resort of Jurmula before heading to Liepaja, one of Estonia's most important seaports.


Your tour of Lithuania starts in Sventoji and roll along the beautiful Baltic Sea coast on a cycle path via the seaside resort of Palanga to Klaipeda and over the Curonian Sea to the fascinating 98-kilometre-long promontory of the Curonian Spit. Because of its dunes up to 60 meters high, it is also called the Curonian Sahara. In Juodkrante, you can admire wooden sculptures depicting figures from Lithuanian fairy tales and legends on the Hexenberg. Continuing along the seashore, we finally reach the former artists' colony of Nidden, today Nida, and the former capital of Lithuania, Kaunas. The Devil's Museum with its more than 3,000 figures is a must-see. Now we head to Lithuanian lake country through slightly hilly countryside to Trakai with its famous Gothic island castle from the 15th century. In the end, Vilnius, the capital of Lithuania, attracts you with its historical Old Town with many Baroque buildings, but also Gothic, Renaissance and medieval streets.

Schmand, borsch and pork haxe

In the Baltic Republics you will usually find hearty dishes such as pork and bacon, potato dough dishes, dumplings such as piroggen or pelmeni (mouth pouches filled with meat, sauerkraut, mushrooms or cottage cheese),  cabbage, sauerkraut, berries and mushrooms from the surrounding forests. Rye bread baked with natural sourdough is also widespread. Since all three countries are located by the sea and have many lakes, fish dishes are also very popular. You like to drink a local beer.
In Estonian cuisine you will find, for example, “pork shank with sauerkraut” or Sült, sülze with sauerkraut.
In Latvia, people like to eat a kind of borscht, Russian beetroot soup, which is served here as Chalodni borscht cold with schmand, usually a splash of schmand on top.
Cepelinai are potato dumplings, called zeppelins because of their shape, and consist of potato dough stuffed with mushrooms, fish, cottage cheese, meat or bacon.

Architecture, Modern Museums and Art

Architecture fans travel to Vilnius for its Baroque churches and towers and Gothic style, to Riga for its Art Nouveau façades and medieval quarter, and to Tallinn's medieval Old Town for Kadriorg Castle and Alexander Nevsky Cathedral.
There are also very interesting modern museums in all three capitals: in Vilnius the Mo Museum (Museum of Modern Art) in a building designed by Libeskind, in Tallinn the Kumu Art Museum with its collection of Estonian art, and in Riga the Latvian Museum of Contemporary Art.
There are countless festivities and festivals, such as the Ligo Festival on St. John's Day in Latvia, which is also widely celebrated in Lithuania: for four days. Visit the Liederfest in Lithuania. All three countries are home to countless singers and choirs. The Baltic Song Festivals have been recognized by UNESCO as a masterpiece of oral and intangible heritage of mankind and included in the list of intangible cultural heritage of mankind.

Intact Baltic nature

As all three Baltic States are located by the sea, you will discover several dunes, islands and bays and cycle along kilometres of sandy beaches. In Estonia you drive through endless forests. About half of the country is covered by forests, where lynxes, brown bears and wolves, among others, feel at home.

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