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Welcome to Berlin

Biking trips in and around Berlin

Let the beautiful surroundings of Berlin and the way the splendidly constructed bike trails encircle the federal capital impress you. We tested the route for you to compose a worthwhile mix of the newly-built trails. The region Berlin-Brandenburg is very rich of water plains and forests, which makes of the roundtrip of 350km length a unique experience very close to nature.

Our bike tours in Berlin and surroundings

So beautiful it is in Berlin and surroundings

Berlin tours are great

In and around the German capital, it's great to combine cycling with sightseeing: The bike paths are well signposted, mostly run without major inclines and are smoothly asphalted. But there is also a surprising amount of green here. And so the mix of culture and nature makes cycling really exciting. That's great!

History and stories

Here you cycle on historical ground, whether along the Berlin Wall and former border fortifications or on the magnificent boulevard Unter den Linden to the classicist Brandenburg Gate, symbol of reunification. Maybe it's on to the Goldelse - the nickname of the locals means the Victory Column with the golden, winged statue - to the Washing Machine (Federal Chancellery) or the Pregnant Oyster (House of World Cultures). Berliners have a sense of humor and like to give buildings fun names.

Hip cultural scene

The metropolis is cosmopolitan. You can find Ethiopian bars as well as Cuban salsa bars or Australian pubs or a Buddhist temple, hip clubs with techno or house as well as famous theater stages.

The Deutsches Theater Berlin is world famous, and concert halls, ballet performances or variety shows like those at the Friedrichstadtpalast offer something for everyone. 

Currywurst and Döner

After Döner Kebap, falafel and shawarma have long since conquered Berlin's kiosks. But the street food classic par excellence is and remains currywurst, which was also invented here, and meatballs. If you want a hearty meal, you can order pork knuckle in one of the Old Berlin restaurants. Otherwise, however, dishes from all over the world are available. The world is at home here, also in culinary terms.

Rich in forests and water

Water and forest, blue and green. Even in the city center, there are many parks and streets lined with giant trees, rivers and canals. This is even more true of the surrounding countryside, where the fantastic Schorfheide beckons, which could almost be described as a small primeval forest. The Werbellinsee and Müggelsee lakes provide cooling on hot days. The Havel, Oder and Spree rivers are great for cycling right along the water.

Your Berlin expert

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