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Pure diversity

Cycling holiday in Germany

We have scouted out the most lovely regions of our country for you. From the North Sea to the Lake Constance, from the river Moselle to the river Spree - coming across astoundingly beautiful places, some of them partly known but others simply lying there completely undiscovered in all their natural beauty. Wait and see. What happens during your next bike holiday in Germany.

Fantastic cycle paths

In the No. 1 cycling country, you can cycle along rivers or through beautiful regions on the best, perfectly signposted cycle paths. Many of the cycle routes have been awarded stars by the ADFC e. V. and offer every comfort you could wish for when cycling.

City, country, river

What does this country not have to offer! Sea? Cycle along the North Sea or Baltic Sea. Forest? Cycle through the Black Forest or the Spreewald. Lakes? Lake Constance is a highlight, but the Munich lakes are also not to be sneezed at or the Müritz lake district. Rivers? Along the Rhine, Danube, Moselle, Weser and many, many others, cycling is great and there are no climbs. Cities? Munich, Cologne, Berlin... From the North Sea to the Bavarian Alps, you'll discover a variety of different regions and cycling paradises full of beauty and variety.

Berlinish or Bavarian

Germany is diverse and varied, also when it comes to its culture and language or dialects: listen to Low German on your cycle tour through the north, it has been recognised as a language in its own right and included in the European Charter for Regional and Minority Languages. In Bavaria you will encounter Franconian and Bavarian dialects, yo mei. Perhaps you'd like to babble Hessian, chat Swabian or experience a real Berliner Schnauze, eh? Et kütt, wie et kütt, they say in Kölsch. So let's see what regional specialities you will discover, because there are not only linguistic but also cultural differences.

Crab bread and cherry tart

Krabbenbrot (crab bread) in the north or Leberkäs in the south, Rhenish Sauerbraten in the west or Spreewälder Gurken in the east, Kirschtorte (cherry tart) in the Black Forest and cheese in the Allgäu. Here, too, you are spoilt for choice. Beer is brewed in the vast majority of German regions, with a particularly large number of breweries in Franconia, and vineyards can be found along almost all river cycle routes.

Lugworms or wolves

The diversity is hard to beat: Fans of a stiff breeze cycle along the North Sea and Baltic Sea. You'll discover moorland on the Fehnroute in East Frisia, forests in the Black Forest, which is actually rather dark green. There are countless rivers in Germany along which cycle paths lead. Do you like to have a view of the mountains? Then head for the Harz mountains or Bavaria and the edge of the Alps. Almost all regions have nature parks or even national parks where you can find out about the special features of the respective natural areas. Do you prefer lugworms or wolves? It's all there. You just have to decide.

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