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Bicycle vacation at Chiemsee

The Chiemsee, fondly called "Bavarian Ocean", is the largest lake in Bavaria and next to Lake Constance and the Müritz the third largest lake in Germany. It arose like many other alpine lakes at the end of the ice age as excavation of a glacier. Originally the lake was much larger and covered an area of almost 240 square kilometers, which is about three times the current water surface. The beautiful scenery around the lake is one of the most popular recreation areas in Bavaria. Most tourist marvel again and again at fascinating view of the nearby Chiemgauer mountains (Hochfelln, Hochgern, Hochplatte and Kampenwand) and visit the interesting islands in the lake. On the island Fraueninsel is convent of nuns and on the island Herreninsel are actually two castles and a landscaped park.

Our bike tours at Chiemsee

It is so beautiful at the Chiemsee

Royal cycling

Around and on Lake Chiemsee, the largest Bavarian lake with 80 square kilometers, you cycle through the foothills of the Alps on specially laid asphalt bike paths, small side roads, field and forest paths with only a few steep climbs. The Chiemsee Cycle Path, which is about 60 kilometers long, leads around the body of water.

Women and men

Herrenchiemsee Castle, built by King Ludwig II, stands on Herreninsel, a replica of Versailles Palace with impressive state rooms. You can learn more about him in the King Ludwig Museum. Fraueninsel with the Benedictine monastery Frauenwörth, on the other hand, is more known for tranquility and idyll. Idyllic towns such as Prien and Gstadt, Bernau, Übersee, Chieming and Seebruck are located directly on the lake.

Weißbiereis and Steckerlfisch

A typical fish that is put on the plate here is the Chiemsee roe. It is available fried, baked, grilled, smoked or as Steckerlfisch. Farm cheese dairies and alpine huts offer various types of cheese such as mountain farm cheese or fenugreek cheese. When it comes to sausage, it's usually beef salami. And of course, a local beer is a must. A wheat beer perhaps? If you prefer sweets, the monastery store of the Benedictine nuns on Fraueninsel is the place to go.

There, the famous marzipan made by hand in the monastery is sold, as well as liqueur. Natural ice cream is available everywhere, for example, such unusual varieties as wheat beer ice cream.

Customs and festivals

Around Lake Chiemsee, there are events throughout the year, such as the classical music festival on Herrenchiemsee Island. Opera fans get their money's worth in Immling, Amerang and Maxlrain. During the summer, there are festivals such as Chiemsee Reggae Summer in Übersee and moments in Seeon-Seebruck, where the focus is on electronic music and a sustainable approach to nature. Lived customs can be found in many places: alpine concerts, Gautrachten festivals or the Kirchweihfest, the so-called Kirta.


The Bavarian Sea is up to 73 meters deep and shimmers deep blue. The shore is designated as a landscape conservation area, the body of water itself is a fauna-flora habitat - an area with many rare plants and animals. Even flamingos can be observed here. Observation towers are available for a good overview, and nature guides explain the area. The view falls on the Kampenwand and the Samerberg. Right next door is the Eggstätt-Hemhofer Seenplatte, Bavaria's oldest nature reserve, and the Kendlmühlfilze, a large raised bog.

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