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At the sea always towards East

Cycling trips at the baltic sea

Cycle along the sea to the east! Biking holidays at the coast - don´t dream, start cycling! During the bicycle trip along the Baltic sea you discover original landscapes at the coast & natural beaches, imposing cliffs & bluffs, traditional spas & colourful fishing villages. The varied bicycle path leads you directly along the coast or through the quiet inland. You cycle on bicycle paths, small country roads as well as on forest tracks and field paths. En-route there is always the possibility to take a bath at wonderful small bays or kilometres of white sandy beaches.

Our tours at the Baltic Sea

This is how beautiful it is on the baltic sea

Cycling and taking in the sea air

The Baltic Sea Coast Cycle Route runs along the German coast from the Flensburg Fjord to the Bay of Lübeck and Travemünde. While cycling, you get a whiff of the sea air, hear seagulls screeching, and ride along the sea on slightly hilly, but mostly flat and asphalted, well-maintained bike paths and sometimes on side roads. It is signposted throughout with the blue logo of the route.

Coast and cliffs, steep banks and beaches

The Baltic Sea is your constant companion: coast and cliffs, steep banks and beaches are guaranteed to get you out of the saddle. On the horizon big boats pass by, in the harbor dinghies and yachts are rocking. But also picturesque fishing villages full of cottages with thatched roofs, colorful harbor towns and sophisticated seaside resorts with beach chairs lie along the way. In Kiel, visit the aquarium and the Kunsthalle (art gallery) or simply watch the cruise ships and ferries docking or departing. In Flensburg, visit the worthwhile old town with the Red Street and the Phänomenta, a hands-on science museum, or the maritime museum. Lübeck was built in the brick Gothic style and is a UNESCO World Heritage Site. The Old Town Island with its medieval alleys and the Holsten Gate should not be missed. The old lighthouse in Travemünde and the numerous, imaginative sand sculptures will delight you. In Stralsund, three large city churches tower into the sky. The maritime museum and the Ozeaneum are further highlights of Stralsund.

Maritime and music

No matter where you are on the Baltic Sea, you won't be far away from a harbor festival, a sailing regatta, a sea bridge festival or a

beach party. Martitime highlights are the Kieler, the Travemünder or the Warnemünder Woche and the HanseSail. Music fans get their money's worth at the numerous festivals by the sea: Jazz is played at the Travejazz Festival, classical music at the Schleswig-Holstein Music Festival. Cineastes should visit Flensburg for the Flensburg Short Film Festival.

Sweet and salty

Schnürch is a typical stew with lots of vegetables and a specialty at the Baltic Sea. But it's no wonder that freshly caught fish is often served straight from the cutter onto the plate or in the bread roll: garfish, for example, is considered a designated delicacy. Other classics are maties, herring, sprats and crabs. But not only salty, also sweet things are available here: Lübeck marzipan is world-famous, and the layered Mecklenburg jelly consists of crumbled brown bread with buttermilk, rum and jam in a jar. Klütensuppe contains small sugar balls, Klüten, and is cooked with milk. It is usually accompanied by fruit. If you have now too much völlt, there is also remedy for this: a clear caraway schnapps or Köm.

More sea - blue and green

The Baltic Sea ecosystem, the largest brackish sea in the world, has a rich flora and fauna. Visit nature reserves and information centers and learn how the Baltic Sea was formed. Learn about seabirds such as gray herons and cranes and sea creatures such as sea hares, eelpouts, gurnards and sea scorpions. The blue Baltic Sea will inspire you as much as the green, rustic coastal forests with trees tousled by the wind, where fox and hare say good night to each other.

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