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Ems bike trail.

Biking Vacation on the Ems river

Experience the most beautiful regions of the Ems on your way from the bicycle capital Münster to its mouth in the North Sea. The Münsterland, Emsland and East Frisia get crossed by the Ems and present themselves from their best side on the right and left of the river bank. The sprawling Ems meadows are an eldorado for countless water birds and many interesting places wait for you with diverse cultural and culinary offerings. The Ems cycle path has been consistently marked and classified by the ADFC with 4 out of 5 stars. The course is consistently flat, but the experience value of the trip is much greater when you cycle towards north, as you can only experience than how a small stream is transforming into a strong meandering river. And in case you want to shorten the beautiful day stages once, you can easily take the train which is running just next to the to your cycle route.

Our Cycling Trips along the Ems river

This is how beautiful the Ems cycle path is

Enjoyable cycling along the Ems

The Emsradweg, which has been awarded four stars by the ADFC e. V., runs completely flat close to Germany's shortest river and guarantees enjoyable cycling. The comprehensive signposting makes the tour a pleasure. In addition, a rail line runs parallel, and tired cyclists could hop on the train at any time.

Castles and locks

The lively cycling and university city of Münster beckons with its Prinzipalmarkt, cathedral and city palace. Throughout Münsterland, you'll marvel at moated castles and palaces before discovering more locks, weirs and ships in Emsland. The Ems is now wider, and its banks are dotted with megalithic tombs and mills. Wooden bascule and swing bridges, brick churches and dikes line its path. At the Meyer shipyard in Papenburg, those interested can learn all about shipbuilding and the world's largest dry dock. At the end in Emden, fans of Otto Waalkes visit "Dat Otto Hus" and take a harbor tour. Moin, Ems!" is the last call before the river flows into the North Sea.

Many cultural events take place along the Ems. Visit the theater in Münster or theater and concerts in Rheine at the Stadthalle. Speaking of music: In Emsbüren the instrument museum HumTaTa surprises with rumbumbass, tutehorn and the like. Those who are more interested in fine arts will find what they are looking for at the Kunsthalle Lingen, where contemporary works by national and international artists are presented. The former factory halls of the Meyer shipyard in Papenburg, which are

well worth seeing, are home to the Forum Alte Werft with its architecturally exciting theater and the Stadthalle. The Zollhaus in Leer is also worth a visit: readings, exhibitions, concerts.

Varied cuisine
The cuisine is as varied as the countryside along the banks of the Elbe. In Münster, Pickert and Struwen, a pancake-like structure made of yeast dough with raisins, are considered specialties. Westphalian rye bread is served with coffee in Emsland, as is the curious pumpernickel cake. In the far north, locals drink three cups of East Frisian tea with their meal - that is East Frisian law. The East Frisian national drink is drunk in three layers: The cream floats on top, then comes the tea, and at the bottom is the rock candy or Kluntje. Stirring is forbidden. Do matjes and crab bread go well with this drink? Perhaps a beer from one of the many East Frisian breweries would be better with the two.

On its journey, the Ems flows through such diverse natural areas as the Ems floodplains, which are home to many water birds in the European bird sanctuary "Rieselfelder", among others. The Ems floodplain of Emsdetten has been partly designated as a nature reserve, and in its wetlands and meadow meadows all kinds of flora and fauna can be observed, as it serves as a feeding and breeding ground for numerous animal species. The Emsland moor with its extensive heath areas is fascinating. You can learn more about it at the moor museum in Groß Hespe in Emsland. Shortly after Emden, the Außenems nature reserve begins with extensive mudflats and water areas.

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