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A river of wine, castles and romance

Cycling vacation along the rhine river

Hot springs and spas already attracted the ancient Romans to the Rhine, 2000 years ago. Today vineyards and picturesque towns add to the region‘s charm and attract bikers like us. People from all over the world visit the Rhine Valley (a UNESCO World Heritage Site since 2002) between Mainz and Cologne and admire this manmade landscape as much as Tuscany and the Loire Valley. Why seek far afield when the good could not be closer by?

Our cycling trips along the rhine

This is how beautiful it is on the rhine river

Cycling in paradise

The popular Rhine cycle path runs flat, well developed and well signposted through picturesque landscapes. You often ride close to the river. There is much to see, experience and taste here. Cycling along the longest river in Germany promises a very special experience.

Rhine castles

In the Middle Rhine Valley, a movie of castles runs like a flip-book: one after the other at regular intervals. Between Bacharach and Koblenz there is the highest density of castles in the world, and so the Pfalzgrafenstein Castle in the middle of the river is followed by Gutenfels Castle, Schönburg Castle, Rheinfels Castle, Katz Castle and all the others. Between Bingen and Koblenz, the magnificent cultural landscape of the Middle Rhine Valley is a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Not to forget: The Loreley Rock!

Rhenish culture

Culturally, you are spoiled for choice here: whether the numerous art museums and galleries in Düsseldorf, or the historic Peace Museum in the Remagen Bridge Tower, whether the Cathedral of Mainz or that of Cologne or one of the castles. You could get off your bike all the time.

And of course people like to party here: There are many festivals and concerts throughout the summer.

Rhenish delights

"Himmel un Äd mit Flöz" consists of fried black pudding on apple slices with fried onions and mashed potatoes. This is accompanied by a Kölsch beer at the "Päffgen," a traditional restaurant founded in 1883 and Cologne's oldest home brewery. But of course it is often about wine: a "Schoppe Woi", which might be too much for many a cyclist. At the tasting booths, however, which can be found at almost every boat landing along the Rhine promenades, you can also get so-called "Piffchen" at 0.1 liters.

Nature on the Rhine

Vineyards and steep vineyards accompany the way. Along the Rhine, you will find a cultural landscape that man has known how to use since time immemorial. On the Upper Rhine
various habitats of endangered species have been specifically promoted, Rhine floodplains as well as desert-like inland dunes, and the Bislich tributary channel has been revived. Even a geyser can be visited: In Andernach, the world's highest cold-water geyser shoots up to 60 meters into the air. Geysers you rather look for in Iceland, until you have been to the Rhine!

Your rhine river expert

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