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Historic cities, culinary delights and the finest cycle paths in Belgium

Biking vacation in Belgium

Belgium is known for the finest chocolate, tasty beer and the invention of French fries. On our cycling tours you will discover Flanders, the northern part of the country that holds an inexhaustible wealth of natural beauty and a multitude of works of art, cultural heritage sites as well as culinary and other highlights for you. Cities such as Antwerp, Bruges, Brussels, Ghent, Leuven and Mechelen are only a relaxing cycle ride away from each other. The region is therefore wonderful to explore by bike. A perfect complement is offered by our tours by bike and boat, where you get to know both Flanders and the southern part of the Netherlands up to Amsterdam.

Our biking trips in Belgium

This how beautiful belgium is

Leisurely cycling on the flat
Cycle through Belgium's northern part of Flanders, which is great for bike touring. From Brussels to Bruges, you can cycle on flat bike paths, or hop on a boat and cycle alongside from time to time.

Small country, big
Three languages, three regions and a lot of art
Belgium is one of the smallest countries in Europe and officially trilingual - French, Dutch/Flemish and German are spoken - and divided into three regions - Flanders, Wallonia and Brussels. Brussels is the country's capital and also the seat of the European Union.
You will encounter cultural treasures such as the Flemish paintings of Pieter Bruegel the Elder, Peter Paul Rubens and Jan van Eyck or the surrealists of the early 20th century, for example René Magritte, as well as the world-famous Belgian comics: Tintin by Hergé, Lucky Luke by Morris and the Smurfs by Peyo. In Brussels, visit the Comic Strip Museum! And, of course, the city's landmark, the Atomium, as well as the statue Manneken Pis, which even wears changing costumes.

The Flemish cities of Bruges, Ghent and Antwerp are known as the "Golden Triangle."
Cities like Antwerp, Bruges, Brussels, Ghent, Leuven and Mechelen are just a relaxing bike ride apart.

French fries!
Belgium is known for fine chocolates and chocolates, waffles, beers and the best French fries in the world. Did you know that Belgium is the country with the highest per capita consumption of French fries in the world? Be sure to try some, along with one of the many sauces at one of the frites stands and kiosks: frietkot or friterie they are called. Variety also rules when it comes to beers. There are abbey and Trappist beers, more sour beers like lambics, and fruit beers like Kriek (cherry).

Belgian natural beauty
The High Fens Nature Park is as impressive as the coastal landscape on the Belgian North Sea or the valley of the Meuse River. Flanders, the northern part of the country, holds an inexhaustible wealth of natural beauty.

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