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Mountains, lakes and Kaiserschmarrn

Cycling tours in Austria

Even if Austria is known as a culturally varied and rich country, most of the tourists come to enjoy the landscape, the mountains and the lakes. The opulent architecture of Austrian towns is also typical of this country. Buildings as for example the earlier imperial castle of Schönbrunn and the "Hofburg" of Vienna testify the former significance of the Danube Monarchy that extended its empire over most of the catchment area of the river Danube. Though the Monarchy was abolished in 1918, it has left traces in some traditions - last but not least in culinary names like "Kaiserschmarrn". Apropos "Kaiserschmarrn": Those who are watching their figure must be particularly resistant in Austria. The delicious flummeries and desserts are famous far beyond the borders - and are worth each and every holiday pound.

Our cycling trips in Austria

This is how beautiful Austria is

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On well developed, asphalted and well signposted cycle paths you cycle through Austria, for example along river routes on the rightly most popular cycle path in Europe on the Danube, Enns or Drava, around ten lakes in the Salzkammergut or around Lake Neusiedl, through Carinthia or on the Tauern cycle path and, and, and.

Monumental and modern

Some of the most impressive buildings, such as the imperial Schönbrunn Palace and the Hofburg Palace, are located in Vienna. The monumental, opulent architecture and testify to the former Danube monarchy. The Vienna City Hall is built in the neo-Gothic style. Another outstanding building is located on Vienna's Ringstrasse: the Kunsthistorisches Museum, a magnificent building designed by Gottfried Semper and Carl von Hasenauer and opened in 1891. Art Nouveau or Secession was strongly represented here. In this regard, do not miss the exciting buildings of Otto Wagner! Romanesque churches and baroque castles can be found scattered throughout the country, as well as modern buildings: In Graz, for example, the remarkable Kunsthaus with its 15 protruding trunks, nicknamed "Friendly Alien," or Hangar 7 in Salzburg, whose facade was built from 380 tons of special glass.

Theater and music

Theater lovers will be thrilled. The Burgtheater, repeatedly voted Theater of the Year, is located in Vienna, as are other traditional theaters: the Volkstheater, the Theater an der Wien, the Theater in der Josefstadt, and so on. - In terms of music, in addition to Austropop, there is, for example, the Viennese Lied, in which schmaltz is sometimes told, and a lot of classical music. You will not get around the great composers Mozart, Liszt, Schubert and Beethoven. For dance lovers, the first thing that comes to mind is probably the Viennese waltz. Apart from the many balls, it is worth visiting a performance of the Staatsballett and the Tanzquartier in

the MuseumsQuartier, where the focus is more on modern dance, contemporary choreography and performance.

Sachertorte and napkin dumplings

Wiener Schnitzel is considered the national dish and is only real if made from veal. Goulash or fried chicken are other specialties of the Alpine Republic. In all possible forms and colors there are the dumplings as a side dish to it: Viennese bread dumplings, napkin dumplings, Tyrolean dumplings with smoked meat, bacon or finely sliced hard or smoked sausage, semolina dumplings or even fruit dumplings.
In Styria, you should definitely put pumpkin seed oil on the beetle beans or potato salad. The snack also includes a crust of bread with cheese and sausage. Or would you prefer something sweet? Sachertorte is a fine chocolate cake, filled with spicy apricot jam and glazed with a cream made from three exquisite types of chocolate. Flour and desserts like Kaiserschmarrn and Apfelstrudel are common here and must be tried. After all, you can pedal off the kilos!
Finally, coffee has a long tradition in Austria, and is a science in itself: try your way through Einspänner, Melange, Franziskaner and big brown.
Another rustic tip: the sausage stands. Here, too, the variety is great: a Käsekrainer or a Bosna?


Mountains and lakes, rivers and hills? Whatever you like, you will find it here. Cycle through enchanting river landscapes with forested slopes and vineyards to the left and right or past orchards or pumpkin fields. Admire the alpine regions in the mountains or steppe landscapes in the Pannonian lowlands around Lake Neusiedl, thundering waterfalls and gigantic gorges or the natural wonder of the Schlögener Schlinge on the Danube. You will find all of this in Austria.

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