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Water, land and more.

Caycling vacations in Mecklenburg

Imbedded between deep forests and wide fields you will find more than thousand big and small lakes. Nearly behind every tree a water surface is sparkling! The landscape is definitely perfectly suited for cycling! In the last century Fritz Reuter said about this region as the paradise on earth, which he saw as the begin of the genesis. Follow us into paradise, roll through densely wooded forests, gaze at dam like stone churches, old farm houses and mills. With some fortune you may see the rare sea eagle or kingfisher. After that much silence the lively overnight villages will delight you and spoil yourself at the evening.

Our biking trips in Mecklenburg

This is how beautiful Mecklenburg is

Cycling in the land of a thousand lakes

2,000 kilometers of bike paths crisscross the Mecklenburg Lake District region. Cycle along cycle paths, field and forest paths and avenues, over lift bridges and swing bridges to an infinite number of larger and smaller lakes and admire the shimmering blue. Maybe you'll even just hop on a boat. Don't forget your swimwear!

Bright red and diverse

Everywhere, the bricks of the manor houses and churches glow red in the sun and contrast with the green landscape. Stroll through the old town in Waren, which is well worth seeing, and visit the interesting, multimedia NatureExperienceCenter Müritzeum with information about nature and a two-story deep pool where a swarm of vendace lives. In maritime-looking Röbel, ring alleys with colorful half-timbered houses, a restored windmill on the castle hill and a synagogue await you alongside two towering early Gothic church towers. The pretty island town of Malchow is connected to the mainland by a swing bridge. There you can find the interesting DDR Everyday Life Museum and a worth seeing the monastery church. The whole region is rich in sights and offers a lot of variety.

Art and concerts

Follow in the footsteps of Ernst Barlach, one of the most important artists of the 20th century. In three museums his sculptures and sculptures are exhibited, in the former studio of Barlach also a biographical exhibition on life and work. Fishing, harbor and beach

festivals take place around the lakes, concerts for example during the festival "Musik am See" in Krakow.


Of course, there is plenty of freshwater fish here: steamed Müritz pike perch is considered a designated delicacy and is creatively prepared by the chefs around the lakes. The best fish soup in Germany also comes from here, as the local pike is considered particularly suitable for it. But you can also eat a Mecklenburg rib roast stuffed with apples and prunes, or Mecklenburg leg of lamb with prunes soaked in red wine. A beer, e.g. from the Brauhaus Müritz in Waren, goes well with this. The typical dessert is red fruit jelly with vanilla sauce.

Water far and wide

Water without end: Countless enchanting clear-water lakes with depths of up to 80 meters and the largest inland lake in Germany, Lake Müritz, which covers an area of approx. 117 square kilometers, are the stars. No wonder, then, that Müritz means "little sea" in Slavic. On its eastern shore, Lake Müritz connects to the Müritz National Park. Watch red deer and cranes and, if you're lucky, white-tailed and golden eagles and kingfishers. Dense pine and beech forests and seemingly endless avenues can be found around the Mecklenburg Lake District, as well as moors, meadows and 1,000-year-old oaks.

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