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Dumplings, potash and culture

biking trips along the werra river

From the heights of Rennsteig the picturesque Werra makes it’s way, jammed between the Rhone and the Thuringian Forest. On its way to Hann. Münden where it unites with the Fulda to form the Weser, the Werra flows past picturesque half-timbered towns, health resorts, residence- and famous culture cities. On 320 km of fully developed bike paths with little acclivity and uniform as well as brilliant signposting, you can entirely enjoy cycling and culture.

Our biking trips in the werra region

This how beautiful the werra region is

Wonderful cycling: Werratal

Like the river, the low-slope Werra Valley Cycle Path winds for 300 kilometers from its two sources on the Rennsteig in Thuringia, through half-timbered villages, to castles and palaces, all the way to Hann. Münden. There the Werra meets the Fulda and both become the Weser.

Salt and brine, cures and potash

Tired cyclists can bathe in brine in the Celtic, salt-boiling and spa town of Bad Salzungen as well as in Bad Sooden-Allendorf. Salt was a defining feature of the region, so those interested can visit the art nouveau etching plant in Bad Salzungen or the Merkers Adventure Mine and climb Monte Kali or Kalimandscharo, a rock salt dump near Heringen. Elisabethburg Castle in Meiningen or Wartburg Castle, Bach House and Luther House in Eisenach are just a few of the many other sights along the way. Half-timbered houses await you, for example, in picturesque Wasungen and in Eschwege.

Culture and art

The well-known Meiningen State Theater offers drama, concerts, ballet and musical theater at a high level. In the Werratal, the Kulturinitiative Werratal e.V. (Werratal Cultural Initiative)

successfully revitalizes the cultural landscape: Exhibitions, concerts in unusual places, puppet shows, literary wine tastings. A look at the calendar is worthwhile. Art directly on the bike path can be found in the Werra-Meißner-Land, where sculptures line the route.

Poppies, cherries, lamb

There is no lack of culinary specialties in the Werra Valley: The North Hessian Ahle Worscht, an air-dried and slightly cold-smoked sausage made of pork, tastes just as good as products made of poppy seeds in and around Germerode and Grandenborn: poppy seed oil or poppy seed cakes and pies. Cherries and everything that can be made from them are the focus in and around Witzenhausen. Last but not least, sheep are important for landscape conservation, and lamb is served everywhere.


From the Rennsteig, you can cycle through nature along the green ribbon of the Werra between the Thuringian Forest and the Rhön Biosphere Reserve. Lakes, nature reserves and limestone cliffs can be marveled at as well as the GEO nature park Frau Holle Land with its remarkable biodiversity. Perhaps you will come to the country for the poppy blossom and visit the sea of pink flowers.

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