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When the heather blooms...

Cycling vacation in Lüneburg Heath

When you hear Lüneburg Heath, what comes to mind first? Of course, the beautiful, blooming heather and the moorland sheep. Between birch trees, beehives and junipers, the little sheep graze near the shepherd, hikers explore your paths and you cycle right through the middle of this pink-red-purple blooming landscape splendor. The bike route runs mostly on farm roads as well as small roads and bike paths. On the way, you will occasionally come across slightly hilly, unpaved forest paths, and occasionally sandy paths. This trip has even more to offer than Heide: amusement parks with a variety of attractions, cities worth seeing such as Bremen, Schneverdingen, Lüneburg, Celle and Soltau, as well as century-old water art at the Uelzen train station.

Our bike trips in the Lüneburg Heath

This is how beautiful Lüneburg Heath is

Cycling in a riot of colors

You will cycle through the slightly undulating landscape on specially designed cycle paths, but also on field, forest and meadow paths. In the heart of the nature reserve, there is a short stretch of sandy path. The well-signposted routes in the flat to slightly hilly Lüneburg Heath let cyclists enjoy the pink-purple rush of colors. 

Half-timbered houses and the sea

Time and again, you'll come across romantic half-timbered towns in the Heath: the residential town of Celle flaunts a whole 480 restored half-timbered houses and Celle Castle, which was built in the style of the Weser Renaissance. The old town of the Hanseatic city of Lüneburg offers half-timbered romance, the baroque town hall, but also North German brick Gothic. The lively university town is also home to the 108-meter-high leaning tower of St. John's Church. Idyllic heath villages like Wilsede with its heath museum, where you can learn more about the heath, and Unseloh make you take your foot off the pedal. Many of the half-timbered houses there are thatched with reeds or straw. After so much sightseeing, tired cyclists' calves will find relaxation in Soltau, located in the

middle of the heath. In the brine bath there, you almost feel like you're in the sea. The landmark of the Lüneburg Heath is the Wilseder Berg, from which you can see as far as Hamburg.

Colorful sea of blossoms

In August and September, the largest continuous area of heath in Europe is a veritable sea of blossoms, a riot of colors in pink, violet, red and purple. Over the seemingly endless, color-intensive heath you can look far and wide to juniper bushes and dwarf shrubs, deciduous and coniferous forests, mysterious moors and pastures. Heidschnucken graze peacefully in the gently rolling landscape. The Lüneburger Heide nature reserve in the middle of the nature park is known for biological diversity and is the habitat of many endangered animal species such as the sand lizard and smooth snake, amphibians such as the brook lamprey and bullhead, and dragonflies such as the green damselfly. Woodlark, black grouse, Great Grey Shrike and otter also live here. - "On the Lüneburg Heath in the beautiful country I went up and down all kinds of things along the way I found," wrote Hermann Löns. Let yourself be enchanted.

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