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Bavaria: Beautiful not only for the Oktoberfest

Biking Trips in Bavaria

Come to Bavaria! Cycle through the land of the blue-white flag, the country of hospitality and snugness, the countless breweries, the art of church architecture and the Baroque. Follow the course of the five rivers Vils, Naab, Danube, Altmühl and Pegnitz through charming old towns, small dreamy villages and river landscapes which seem almost untouched. Cycle around Lake Chiemsee and discover the lovely Allgäu, the proud state capital Munich and the world-famous Neuschwanstein Castle. Try delicious food from the Bavarian kitchen and stop for a bite to eat in the homely beergardens.

Our bike tours in Bavaria

this is how beautiful it is in bavaria

Bavarian cycling

Cycling along many rivers or from shimmering turquoise lake to lake and into the mountains - that's cycling in Bavaria. The Bavarian network for cyclists covers a whole 9,000 kilometers on 125 themed routes with routes that are as close to nature as possible, with as little traffic as possible and uniform signposting. Let's go!

Famous buildings and onion domes

Greetings in Bavaria! The world-famous Neuschwanstein Castle near Füssen in the Allgäu region is certainly one of the most fascinating buildings in Bavaria, but the baroque buildings and works of art by the Asam brothers are also simply impressive. The English Garden in Munich should be visited as well as the Marienplatz with the Munich City Hall, the Viktualienmarkt or the Hofbräuhaus. The Alps stand guard in the background. Or drive up: The Zugspitzbahn takes you from Garmisch Partenkirchen to Germany's highest mountain. Bad Tölz shines with its pretty old town, bursting with richly decorated town houses. In Franconia, the Nuremberg Castle or the Albrecht Dürer House in Nuremberg, the Bamberg Cathedral and the many villages with half-timbered houses are alluring. But these are just a few of the highlights that await you in the Free State.

Baroque and Blue Rider

The baroque buildings and works of art by the Asam brothers can be found throughout the Free State, for example in Munich the

Asam Church or the former monastery church in Tegernsee. Those who are more into modernism: The artists' association Blauer Reiter left behind many works of art, which can be admired in the Lenbachhaus in Munich and in many other houses of the MuSeenLandschaft Expressionismus.


Beer is available in all imaginable flavors and colors: the Rauchbier from Bamberg, the Poculator, a strong beer, the Hefeweizen and, and, and. One of the many beer gardens or in Franconia -keller should visit absolutely. As far as wine is concerned, you will find it in Franconia, for example, where people like to drink Silvaner. A hearty snack, baked carp, dumplings and roast pork, bratwurst or white sausages, which, by the way, must not hear the 12 o'clock bell, are just as available as star cuisine.


What is there not here, you might ask. The sea, of course. Although... Lake Chiemsee is also called the Bavarian Sea. And you will find everything else here: gorges and alpine meadows, high valleys and blue lakes like Starnberger See, Chiemsee, Tegernsee, etc. Maybe you like the turquoise shimmering Isar with its white shining pebbles on the banks. Do you rather like the gentle hills of the Allgäu or the mighty mountains of the Alps? The largest moorland in Central Europe (on the Loisach) is just as much at home here as the fossilized archeopteryx in Solnhofen in the Altmühltal.

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