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Through green country to the "Golden City"

Cycling tours in Czech Repulic

The Czech Republic, is a largely unknown pearl that is just waiting to be discovered by bike. Between the Bohemian Forest, the Ore Mountains and the Sudeten Mountains and along the Elbe Cycle Route or the Vltava Cycle Route, the original beauty of the countryside unfolds, peppered with wonderful places steeped in history and cultural highlights. First and foremost, the capital city of Prague casts a spell over every visitor. The "Golden City" is rightly considered one of the most beautiful metropolises in the world. The historic spas of the famous spa triangle are also absolutely worth a visit. Where in earlier times the European aristocracy took a cure, today you can enjoy modern spa and wellness offers in an enchanting, sophisticated Art Nouveau ambience.

Our cycling trips in Czech Republic

This is how beautiful Czech Republic is

Hello, Czech Republic!

Along the Elbe, Eger or Vltava, you will cycle through the Czech Republic on well-developed and signposted cycle paths, sometimes also on quiet side or country roads, field, forest and bank paths on flat to hilly cycle routes, depending on the booked cycle trip, sometimes with longer climbs.


You will find architectural beauty first and foremost in Prague. The “Golden City” or City of a Hundred Towers is considered one of the most beautiful cities in the world. Also worth seeing are the historical spa towns of the famous spa triangle with their historical buildings and the spa architecture in Art Nouveau style. Throughout the country there are countless historical towns and villages, more than 1,500 castles and 16 UNESCO World Heritage sites, including Prague Castle Hill and Prague Old Town. Important historical monuments and an immense architectural heritage are, for example, the Royal Summer Palace in Prague Castle, Renaissance architecture par excellence, the Wallenstein Palace in Baroque style, or the Sanctuary of St. John of Nepomuk, built in Baroque Gothic style. Fans of architecture get rich gifts here.

Cultural richness

In the Czech Republic, people like to greet each other informally with “Ahoj”, which means hello. The reason for using a supposed seafarer's greeting is because canoeing was extremely popular in the 1920s. So the maritime greeting came into the language. The national sport is and remains ice hockey. It is said that every Czech has a little bit of the novel character Schwejk, a little bit of deep humour and passive resistance. Besides, he loves to improvise. Maybe that's why puppetry is so popular.

Handmade wooden puppets are an important part of Czech culture, as are fairy tales and art figures. Folklore festivals take place, for example, in Prague or Strážnice. The Witch's Night, Walpurgis Night, is a holiday in the Czech Republic that celebrates springtime and fertility with plenty of beer.

Czech dumplings

The national dish of the Czech Republic and a classic of Czech cuisine is the roast pork "Vepřová Pečeně" with Czech dumplings and sauerkraut. The more fatty meat is often rubbed with garlic. Roast loin in cream, “Svíčková na Smetaně”, is made of beef, which is roasted on vegetable stock, from which a sweet cream sauce is prepared. Bohemian bread dumplings are served as a side dish. Beef goulash, cheese schnitzel or potato buffers are other typical dishes. You can also enjoy Pivo, beer, perhaps one from the world famous brewery in Pilsen. Those who love sweets will end up with the fruit dumplings, which are filled with plums, strawberries, cherries or apricots, depending on the season, or the tree striezel, whose dough is spread on a roll that is turned over a flame.

Cool river water and hot springs

There are five national parks in the small Czech Republic: Giant Mountains, Bohemian Forest Šumava, Bohemian Switzerland, Thayatal and Křivoklát. The importance of nature is high, and there are many nature lovers in the Czech Republic: hikers, canoeists and cyclists will meet you again and again. Discover wild rivers, blue lakes and rugged rocks, peat bogs and true primeval forests, and watch deer and deer. There are also hot springs, the hottest being the Karlovy Vary spring: the Vřídlo spring has a temperature of 73.4°C.

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