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Anja Benndorf - Velociped
Anja Benndorf
Managing Director

My favourite tour: Southern Dalmatia: bike & boat. Island hopping under the southern sun of Croatia is my personal holiday highlight. The mix of enchanting landscapes that can only be reached by boat, cultural feasts for the eyes, active cycling excursions and chilled-out beach holidays is simply unbeatable. Sundowners on the sun deck are a wonderful way to unwind.

Daniela Scheiler - Velociped
Daniela Scheiler
Deputy Managing Director

My favourite tour: the Münsterland bike tour. I've grown up on the so called "Pättkes" (a typical regional term for small paths) in Minsterland and still love them. It's not only cycling along the river but also through woods and fields – a child's play thanks to the good signposting.

Carlon Krautwald - Velociped
Carolin Krautwald
Product Management

My favourite tour: the Moselle bike trail. The sight of the glistening meanders of the river, which nestle against the steepest vineyards in Europe, and the endearing confectioner's architecture of the small villages makes my heart beat faster. A glass of vineyard peach liqueur, which is only available here, is a must.

Katrin Gierlinger - Velociped
Katrin Gierlinger
Logistics and marketing

My favourite tour: the Lake Constance round trip with Rhine Falls Schaffhausen. For me, the Lake Constance region is the pearl of Europe. I love the lake especially in spring, when countless fruit trees and the famous gardens unfold their splendour of blossoms. An absolute highlight is of course the boat trip to the largest waterfall in Europe, the Rhine Falls in Schaffhausen. Watch out, it might get a little wet!

Frank Natz
Travel Expert

My favourite tour: the German Danube. I find it fascinating to see the very small beginnings of what becomes a truly majestic river downstream. There are a multitude of delightful landscapes along the spring of the river. The scenery eventually changes, with magnificent palaces, castles, and abbeys all around. It’s like you’re growing with the river as you ride this route.

Christine Jockel
Travel Expert

My favourite tour: the Veneto round trip with Charme Hotels. Magnificent architecture, legendary cultural monuments and the varied landscape between the Alps and the Adriatic Sea - I can't resist this charm offensive. The cycle tour is topped by the enchanting ambience of exquisite, stylish 4-star hotels. A small grappa tasting not far from St Mark's Square rounds off the tour. This is how I like to be pampered.

Steffi Groß
Travel Expert

My favourite tour: the winegrowers' tour on the Rhine. The tour is a revelation for me, and not just in terms of wine. Europe's largest open-air inhalatorium in Bad Kreuznach, the oldest printed Bibles in the Gutenberg Museum in Mainz and the overflowing splendour of roses in Eltville are all worth seeing. Enjoyable and varied - the perfect cycling holiday.

Dounia Lebbeida - Velociped
Dounia Lebbeida
Travel Expert

My favourite tours: radial tours. I like the combination of active and comfortable. From the hotel (usually 4-star level) I can explore the region in day tours without packing my suitcase as I please. Afterwards, I enjoy ending the day in the hotel's wellness area.

Doro Bork
Travel Expert

My favourite tour: Main: short tour, Würzburg – Aschaffenburg. I always need to get out into the countryside from time to time to recharge my batteries. A short trip along the Main, for example, is perfect for this. Vineyards and shady forests characterise the landscape and in between you can relax in the cosy wine taverns.

Siriphon Nuphim
Travel Expert

My favourite tour: Weser: classic, Hann. Münden – Bremen. If you want to get to know Germany, the best way to do this is on a classic cycle tour. It includes everything that makes the region endearing. I was particularly impressed by the Weser Cycle Route Classic. The artistic carvings on the many colourful halftimbered facades are absolutely worth seeing

Silja Pohland
Travel Expert

My favourite tour: Holland's Islands: biking & sailing trip. A fresh breeze, lots of exercise and the uncomplicated Dutch way of life are absolutely my thing. On board, you're immediately on first-name terms and can even chill out in the whirlpool. What more could you want?

Mónica Niño Bautista

My favourite tour: the Hamburg: radial tour. The tour in the south of Hamburg surprised me with a wonderful variety of different impressions. Here the pulsating metropolis with harbour flair and urban style, there the romantic expanse of nature in the Lüneburg Heath. And in between, historic towns like Lüneburg and Lauenburg. There are even dune landscapes in the Vier- und Marschlanden.

Björn Kleinert
Backoffice - travel documents

My favourite tour: The Ruhr Valley Cycle Path. As a native Sauerlander, I have always loved the incredible diversity of my home region. The beautiful green unspoilt nature here and the exciting Ruhr metropolitan region just around the corner. Even today, I take every opportunity for a short trip back home.

Elke Schmidtke

My favourite tour: the Lahn bike trail. I love the variety the routes along the Lahn offer: flat scenic stages through picturesque valleys, proper climbs now and then, romantic castles and forts, a little industrial history and lots of culture. And all this practically on my doorstep!

Roswitha Stadtmüller

My favourite tour: the Main: Bamberg radial tour. The region enchanted me with its worldfamous sights, but also many unknown gems. Even the accommodation in the 4-star superior Hotel Residenzschloss is simply marvellous. Nowhere else along the way will you find so many idyllic beer gardens that invite you to take a refreshing break.

Christian Meyer - Velociped
Christian Meyer
Workshop Manager

My favourite tour: The Black Forest round trip. As a mountain biker and racing cyclist, I am thrilled by mountains. It doesn’t matter how you get up there. Whether you are using your own muscle power, an electronic bike or a railway – the most beautiful views and long descents are a royal reward! Towns such as Freiburg, Bad Säckingen and Basel guarantee daily variety – and get the heart and mind in the holiday mood.

Fritz Lehmann - Velociped
Fritz Lehmann

My favourite tour: Masuria: bike & boat. I like to explore areas by bike that are not so well known as cycling regions. My favourite is the Masurian Lake District. The unique water landscape impressed me very much with its extensive nature reserves and the evidence of centuries-old culture and is perfect for a holiday by bike and boat.

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