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Sunny, delicious, very charming

Cycling vacation in france

What are you thinking of when you talk about France? Of fresh baguette, of twinkling red wine, of fragrant lavender fields, or of red-white chequered tablecloth with a delicious tarte flambée? Our cycling tours in France will show you the most beautiful sides of this wonderful country. Whether à droite or à gauche: The heart of France is situated on our way.

Our biking trips in france

This is how beautiful france is

Cycling like God in France

Bonjour, France! It's no longer a secret that France wants to overtake Germany in terms of bike paths. Many new bike routes have been built throughout the country, paved and signposted, making a bike trip through la douce France, sweet France, a pleasant experience. Cycling like God in France. Allez!

Castles galore

One does not really like to speak of France "per se". The country is as diverse as its regions: rugged Brittany with its cliffs on the Atlantic, lovely Alsace with its wine regions, Mediterranean Provence with its beaches. Probably everyone would like to climb the Eiffel Tower in Paris or Mont Saint Michel, the monastery mountain in the sea in Normandy, once in their life. Once only stroll through the fascinating gardens of Versailles and the bombastic castle of the Sun King. But there are many, equally worth seeing smaller castles along the Loire and scattered throughout the country.

Baguette, oh, là, là

The French love their baguettes proverbially. In the morning, you'll see them lining up in long lines outside the bakeries. You should also try real croissants and pain au chocolat there, as well as macrons, meringues made from almond flour, and éclairs, filled pastries made from choux pastry. A café au lait, a coffee with milk, goes well with these.

The baguette is perfectly accompanied by one of the many cheeses of the country, Camembert is only one of them and certainly the most famous.  In Alsace you should try Munster. The national dish is coq au vin, rooster in wine. How could it be otherwise, French wine and perhaps a glass of champagne or a pastis before.

La Vie En Rose

Throughout the country there are about 500 festivals on various themes, such as the theater festival in Avignon, and also, of course, famous theaters, for example, the National Theater Comédie-Française, concerts at the Paris Philharmonic or operas at the Garnier Opera, ballet at the National Opera, cabarets such as the world-famous Moulin Rouge, and numerous museums. You should listen to French chansons at least once. You will encounter them everywhere. The most famous is probably "La Vie En Rose" by Edith Piaf.  

Natural wonders

There are many natural wonders in France: Whether you drive along the UNESCO World Heritage Canal du Midi and admire poplars, cypresses and pine trees or the vineyards in Alsace, along the Loire through the garden of France, where it is green and blooming or cross the fragrant, purple waving lavender fields of Provence and finally end up with the wild horses and flamingos in the Camargue. Feast for the eyes guaranteed!

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