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Discover Greece by bike

Biking trips in Greece

Greece is considered the cradle of the West and offers wonderful opportunities to discover its cultural treasures and scenic beauty as a distance tour or by bike and boat. Numerous UNESCO World Heritage Sites such as the ancient theatre of Argos, the Lion's Gate in Mycenae or Epidauros, the most famous cult site of antiquity, await you. Discover the unspoilt nature of the many small islands in the Cyclades archipelago, the volcanic islands in the Saronic Gulf or the Ionian Islands with Ithaca, the home of Odysseus, on our cycling and boat tours. Beautiful sandy beaches on the turquoise blue sea invite you to swim. Picturesque old towns with charming tavernas and restaurants right on the waterfront round off the holiday experience perfectly.

Our cycling tours in Greece

This is how beautiful Greece is

Kalimera on the bike!

Cycle in Greece through hilly or even mountainous terrain, but without time stress, so that there is always enough room to push sometimes. Even more, the cycling stages are kept appropriately short. On asphalted roads or paths - and sometimes also on gravelled ones - you will cycle through fascinating Greek landscapes on the islands or on the mainland during your bike tour.

Ancient Greek monuments and world heritage sites

Incredibly many UNESCO World Heritage Sites are offered by the country in southeastern Europe on the Aegean Sea: the most famous is certainly the Acropolis in Athens. The impressive Lion's Gate of Mycenae is another. Then there is, for example, ancient Epidauros, a cult and healing site built in honor of the gods Asclepius and Apollo with an amphitheater and temple built on an incline, or the theater of Argos, which is one of the largest in Greece with a capacity of up to 20,000 spectators.

The cradle of European culture

Greece is considered the cradle of the Occident. The first European advanced civilization, the Minoan, was located on Crete. Through Alexander the Great, among others, Hellenism and its achievements, such as European writing, spread in part to India and Egypt. Also the Olympic Games found their origin here and are said to be about 4,000 years old. To this day, ancient Greek art can be found in numerous museums: mosaics, statues and sculptures. Furthermore, Greece is proud of the many philosophers such as Plato, Socrates and Aristotle, who once debated in the Parthenon of Athens, and of the "invention" of democracy. Greece was the first country ever to be governed democratically.

Greek land of milk and honey

Moussaka, saganaki, souvláki, tzatsiki... you might already know some of them from your local Greek restaurant. But the Greek national dish is fasolada, a bean soup with tomatoes, herbs and spices. Kolokithokeftedes are also recommended: Balls of zucchini, egg and feta. Tomatokeftedes are mainly found on the islands: tomato fritters with bread dough and spices. Fish and olive oil always play a role in Greek cuisine, as do vegetables, meat and legumes. - For dessert, be sure to try tiropita. This is the name of a delicious cake made of puff pastry filled with cheese. To accompany it, enjoy a café frappé, ice cooled coffee.

Olive trees, dolphins and sea turtles

When you think of Greece, you might think of the many islands of the Cyclades that have remained largely natural, the volcanic islands in the Saronic Gulf just outside Athens with untouched nature in places, or the Ionian Islands with Ithaca, the home of Odysseus. Perhaps you will discover geckos or even sea turtles there. Along the way you will also notice ancient olive trees or, especially on the Peloponnese, Adonis roses, delphiniums, anemones and buttercups. The turquoise blue Aegean Sea will surely lure you out of the saddle again and again. Although the Aegean is small and only one arm of the Mediterranean, it is rich in species. Dolphins, monk seals and even whales cavort here. The rich fish fauna includes sea bream, tuna, sole, barbel and perch, barracuda and moray eels, which find ideal conditions in the nutrient-rich waters near the coasts.

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