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Discover the enchanting island world of the Kvarner Bay by bike & boat

Biking trips at kvarner bay

Nestled between the Istrian peninsula in the northwest and the mighty mountains of the Velebit range in the east lies the island world of the Kvarner Bay. Island hopping is a special pleasure in this coastal region. Surrounded by crystal-clear water, you will find secluded bays, green hills, rugged stone landscapes and small harbour towns steeped in history. On board the comfortable motor yachts, there is a family atmosphere that provides the perfect setting for enjoyable on-board life, joint excursions by bike and relaxed swimming breaks. For overnight stays, your ship enters picturesque harbors that invite you to take an extended stroll with their winding alleys and cozy cafes and bars.

Our Cycling trips at kvarner bay

This is how beautiful kvarner bay is

Cycling and swimming
On our cycle and boat tours in the Kvarner Bay, you will discover the islands of Rab, Krk and Cres on daily stages of 20 - 55 kilometres on mostly asphalted side roads. Due to the hilly to mountainous terrain, climbs are unavoidable. But no problem: if you love your bike, you push it. You can cycle independently and with maps or with your tour guide. And if you don't want to cycle, you can simply spend a full or half day on the boat.

Austro-Hungarian monarchy and historic harbour cities
Does that sound Austrian to you? No wonder, many houses and villas in Kvarner Bay are reminiscent of the Austro-Hungarian monarchy, especially in Rijeka. Behind imperial façades with panoramic balconies in a playful romantic style are palatial villas with rooms from the time of the monarchy. The flair is unique. On the islands you will find historic harbour towns with picturesque harbours and historic town centres with winding alleyways. The small town of Vrbnik on Krk, perched on a steep cliff high above the sea, can even boast an almost superlative in this respect: the second narrowest alley in the world. The town of Rab on the island of the same name boasts four bell towers and is surrounded by an ancient city wall. Rab's history dates back to pre-Roman times. You will discover many Romanesque and Venetian buildings in the alleyways.
On Losinj, you will discover the picturesque village of Veli Losinj, situated in a bay, and its harbour with numerous bobbing fishing boats.

Celebrate festivals
There is no shortage of local festivities and culture in Kvarner Bay!

Rijeka's colourful carnival is celebrated with dancing, costumes and music. Blues fans will love the annual Jerry Ricks Blues Festival held in August in the town of Kasav and along the entire Opatija Riviera. World-famous orchestras, soloists and conductors of classical music perform at the Kvarner Festival in Opatija. After all, composers such as Mahler, Puccini, Lehár and Kálmán spent time here and were inspired by it.

Scampi Bay and Raber Torte
Here on the Adriatic, it's all about fish and seafood, especially scampi. The small crustaceans from the local sea are famous throughout Croatia for their tender meat and are considered particularly flavourful. This is precisely why Kvarner Bay is also known as Scampi Bay. A white wine such as Malvasia tastes good with it.  Meat dishes include grilled lamb from the island of Cres with herbs. For dessert, cheese fans will go for the strong, salty sheep's cheese from the island of Pag, while those with a sweet tooth will love the almond biscuits from Opatija. And of course the spiral-shaped Rab cake made from shortcrust pastry, almonds and maraschino liqueur!

Nature is a top priority on the tours through Kvarner Bay. Crystal-clear, turquoise-coloured Mediterranean water is just as enchanting on these tours as the secluded bays and beaches on the islands. You cycle over green hills, past rugged karst rocks, fragrant pine and pine forests, fig and olive trees, agaves, tamarisks and macchia and sometimes into valleys with vineyards. The mighty Veleti Mountains rise in the background, while the Istrian peninsula borders the Kvarner Bay on the Upper Adriatic in the north-west.

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