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At the Lower Rhine and in the tri-border area

Our bike tours on the Lower Rhine

No less than 3 rivers and 3 countries await you in the varied landscape between Cologne, Aachen, Arnhem and Maastricht. The Rhine flows through the region, the Dutch Meuse impresses with places worth seeing and the small yet unknown Rur offers a tranquil idyll. Holland, Germany and Belgium form a tri-border area in this region and compete together for the most beautiful cycling paths. Competition stimulates the business and makes all recreational cyclists happy across borders.

Our biking trips in the lower rhine region

This is how beautiful the lower rhine is

Fast rolling along the Lower Rhine with the magic three

As the name suggests, the Lower Rhine tends to be a few meters above sea level with no inclines on the flat, and even on a superlative, Germany's longest network of bike paths with over 2,000 kilometers of trails. Three countries, three rivers: Through Germany, the Netherlands and Belgium, you ride along the Rhine, Meuse and Rur on beautiful bike paths.

Cathedral and steamboat

Whether you want to visit the Aachen Cathedral, the Cologne Cathedral and the Willibordi Cathedral in Wesel or even take a trip on the Rhine with the Mississippi steamer, you are spoiled for choice. Industrial culture, such as the disused blast furnace in Duisburg, is just as exciting as the Archaeological Park in Xanten, where you can learn all about the Roman city of Colonia Ulpia Traiana, which once stood here. Pure history.

Lower Rhine Cultural Area

The Lower Rhine cultural region offers art lovers a wide variety of exhibitions, a "Muziek Biennale" in churches and monasteries, barns and castles, and the Rhine-Meuse museum network with

countless museums. Numerous festivals take place in the region: Punk fans are recommended the Ruhrpott Rodeo Schwarze Heide, world music is on the ears at the Moers Festival, fantastic light productions can be seen during the Traumzeit Festival in Duisburg.

Coffee sweet and savory

The coffee table in the Lower Rhine region is a living tradition that is something very special. In addition to various types of bread and sweets such as beet and apple slaw, jam and honey, hearty sausages and cheeses as well as cottage cheese and butter are also served. The unusual combination of savory and sweet is accompanied not only by coffee, but also by a glass of Altbier. Cheers!

Rhine arms and wet meadows

The bike paths between the big cities are surprisingly close to nature, sometimes even on forest paths or former railroad tracks, and you get to see ponds and quarry lakes as well as old arms of the Rhine, protected Rhine meadows and wetlands. The latter form a huge bird sanctuary near Wesel.

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