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Moselle: free as the wind

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Free as the wind

Feel free – not just on the bike but already during the planning of the route you create the journey yourself. We offer cyclist individuality by our cycling stages to 'create by yourself'. The Moselle bike trail will definitely not leave anything to be desired: family holiday with short stages or training stages for racers, sights for cultural interested cyclists or the spontaneous fresh air activity for Sunday driver.

From the map and the distance table, choose your desired overnight accommodation. Use our tour planner for your exact planning. Here, you can flexibly put together a trip from 4 to 11 days. In doing so, you determine all the details of your trip such as overnight accommodation, daily stages and duration of the trip – please do not forget to include an arrival day and departure day. Finally, send us your completed travel plan and we will send you an offer that has been tailored to your wishes. With our all-carefree service, we ensure a relaxed and smooth functioning of your bike tour.

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Moselle: free as the wind
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Individual tours: Here you decide when and with whom you would like to travel. We provide you with detailed tour documents and practical planning tips, and you enjoy our all-in, worry-free package with separate luggage transport throughout your tour.

Guided tours: You can simply get on your bike and enjoy a group holiday (8–20 participants). Your tour guide will take care of everything, and your luggage will be transported separately.

from 4 days
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This overview shows you the grade of difficulty for our tours:

easy: Very relaxed cycling in mostly flat terrain.
beginners-intermediate: Easy cycling, pushing the bike now and then.
moderate: for people in a general good shape, a few stretches across more difficult terrain, or pushing the bike.
difficult: For experienced bikers, several tracks in hilly terrain.

In the case of our original Velociped tours, we are the tour operator. We organise and accompany these tours personally.

So that you have an even bigger selection to choose from, we also cover additional routes in collaboration with long-standing partners. With these Velociped partner tours, we are the tour broker.

Velociped-Tour Velociped-Tour
prices 2020

Prices are per person.

Season 1

10.04. – 30.04.2020

01.10. – 20.10.2020


Category B: smaller, family-run inns and hotels

Category A: Comfortable middle-class hotels

For bike & boat trips you will find facility details on cabins and shared rooms in the tour description.

Prices are per person.

Cat. B
Cat. A
4 days3 nights342,00 €362,00 €
5 days4 nights394,00 €434,00 €
6 days5 nights446,00 €499,00 €
7 days6 nights498,00 €574,00 €
8 days7 nights561,00 €659,00 €
9 days8 nights635,00 €744,00 €
10 days9 nights697,00 €829,00 €
11 days10 nights770,00 €914,00 €
single room p.n.25,00 €30,00 €

Season 2

01.05. – 14.08.2020


Category B: smaller, family-run inns and hotels

Category A: Comfortable middle-class hotels

For bike & boat trips you will find facility details on cabins and shared rooms in the tour description.

Prices are per person.

Cat. B
Cat. A
4 days3 nights372,00 €397,00 €
5 days4 nights424,00 €469,00 €
6 days5 nights476,00 €534,00 €
7 days6 nights528,00 €609,00 €
8 days7 nights591,00 €694,00 €
9 days8 nights665,00 €779,00 €
10 days9 nights727,00 €864,00 €
11 days10 nights800,00 €949,00 €
single room p.n.25,00 €30,00 €

Season 3

15.08. – 30.09.2020


Category B: smaller, family-run inns and hotels

Category A: Comfortable middle-class hotels

For bike & boat trips you will find facility details on cabins and shared rooms in the tour description.

Prices are per person.

Cat. B
Cat. A
4 days3 nights412,00 €457,00 €
5 days4 nights464,00 €529,00 €
6 days5 nights516,00 €594,00 €
7 days6 nights568,00 €669,00 €
8 days7 nights631,00 €754,00 €
9 days8 nights705,00 €839,00 €
10 days9 nights767,00 €924,00 €
11 days10 nights840,00 €1.009,00 €
single room p.n.25,00 €30,00 €


70,00 €
140,00 €
electric bike
180,00 €

bookable additional services

guided city walking tour Trier (daily at 1:00 pm in English)
12,50 €
Travel services

Hotels category B: in Trier 5km outside city centre, otherwise centrally located
Hotels category A: centrally located 

All-carefree service:
  • accommodation incl. breakfast
  • room with shower/bath/WC
  • luggage transport
  • map of bike trails with marked route
  • detailed route description
  • tips for tour preparation
  • touristic information
  • 7 days hotline service


Metz (F)Perl (D)65
Perl (D)Remich (L)9
Luxemburg (L)Remich (L)32
Remich (L)Konz (D)33
ZeltingenTraben Trarbach15


worth knowing

Worth knowing about your Moselle tour

Below please find more information about your bike trip. If you have any further questions please feel free to contact us by phone: 0049 - (0)6421-886890.

Arrival by train

From Koblenz Trier is easily accessible by train. We recommend to take a taxi from the station to get to our partner hotels in Trier. Current schedule information and price information can be found at

Train schedule information

Parking facilities at the hotel

Our partner hotels in Trier always provide parking possibilities. Sometimes even free of charge, for the entire duration of your bike trip. There are always plenty of parking spots available, pre-reservation is not always necessary. Detailed information on parking at your hotel, you will receive together with the detailed travel documents two weeks prior to departure.

Condition of cycle paths

The quality of the bike tail is very good. There are practical no unpaved or poorly developed path. The route runs almost exclusively on paved roads and is very well signposted. The volume of traffic varies, but between Trier and Cochem there is almost always a seperate bike trail on the right or left shore side, off the main road. Only during your last day you have to cycle a section on a wide bicycle lane next to the main road. Detailed information about which shore side is best to cycle on, you will receive together with the detailed travel documents two weeks prior to departure.

Available rental bikes

If you choose to rent a Velociped-rental bike for the tour, we take it to your first hotel and bring pick it up at your destination. You can choose between woman’s and men's bicycles either with 7-speed gear shift and coaster brake or 27-speed gear shift and freewheel or electric bikes. All ladies' bikes have a low opening that makes mounting and dismounting much easier. The bikes are suitable for all ladies from 150 cm in height and for all gentlemen from 165 cm in height. You simply specify your wishes at time of booking.

Available rental bikes

Transfer back to the starting point of the journey

Daily at 9.00 am there is the possibility to transfer back to Trier with a small bus (with bike trailer). Arrival at 11.00 am. The driver comes to pick you up at your hotel and has much room for you, your luggage and where required your own bicycle. The bus takes you back to your first hotel, thus ensuring a perfect return service without transfer and the hassle of hauling luggage. We are happy to make you an offer, at what time and to what price you can be picked up at your hotel.

Train and bus in the Moselle Valley

In the Moselle Valley there runs not always a train. After Trier the train is leaving the Moselle Valley and the nearest station is not before Bullay. After only a few kilometres, the railway disappears in the Kaiser-Wilhelm-Tunnel and only reappears in Cochem. From Cochem the train runs completely in the Moselle Valley to Koblenz.

In the period from 1.5. - 31.10. a bus operates daily between Trier and Bullay with a max. capacity of 22 bicycles.

Bus schedule between Trier and Bullay

Boat trips on the river Moselle

From April to October there are many passenger ships on the Moselle. Boat docks are available in almost all places on both directions. Often tours are offered. Information about the exact departure times you find at the bulletin boards of the shipping companies.

A regular ferry traffic exists between Trier and Treis Karden.

Boat schedule Moselle

Coasts which are not included in the travel price

A possibly resulting tourist tax is not part of the travel price and therefore it has to be paid locally in the Hotel.

7 day hotline service

In case of chain breakdown, flooding or other bad surprises that makes a continuation of your tour impossible: no problem, we also work during weekends and you can reach us 24 hours-round-the-clock in case of emergency.

Passport and visa requirements, health regulations

For EU citizens, there are no special passport or visa requirements and no health formalities to be considered for this trip.

Travel insurance

The tour price already includes the statutory insolvency insurance. In addition, we recommend that you take out travel cancellation insurance upon receipt of your travel confirmation in order to protect yourself against financial disadvantages in the event of travel cancellation, interruption of travel, illness or accident.

tour highlights

Porta Nigra Trier

For the newly arrived guest, the Porta Nigra is the best place to begin a tour of Trier. The gate dates back to a time (about A.D. 180) when the Romans often erected public buildings of huge stone blocks (here, the biggest weigh up to six metric tons).

Porta Nigra

Kaiserthermen Trier

Going to the baths was an important part of Roman life: Over 1600 years ago, the Romans built one of the grandest and most impressive baths in the world: the Imperial Baths. Today you can visit this gigantic bathing facility: go back in time to the Roman era, descend into the subterranean labyrinth and get a feel for history!


Domkirche Trier

The Hohe Domkirche St. Peter zu Trier is the oldest episcopal church in Germany and the mother church of the diocese of Trier. Since 1986, the important religious building of Occidental architecture has been on the UNESCO World Heritage List together with the immediately adjacent Liebfrauenkirche. With a length of 112.5 meters and a width of 41 meters, the cathedral is the largest church building in the city of Trier.


Old tower Schweich

Schweich was first mentioned in documents in 721 as Sarainga. At the landmark of the city, the medieval ferry tower at the harbor, was one of the most important ferry crossings of the Moselle of the medieval street Trier - Koblenz.

Alter Fährturm Schweich

Bernkastel Kues

Immerse yourself in the thrilling atmosphere of an old town that is full of history and culture. Savour the celebrated Moselle wines in a tasting session or on a tour through the famous steeply terraced vineyards of the Middle Moselle. Bernkastel-Kues is absolutely perfect for hiking or cycling, while no Moselle experience is complete without taking a boat trip on the river!

Bernkastel Kues

Traben Trarbach

Traben-Trarbach is a city on the Middle Mosel. Traben lies on the left side of the Moselle at the foot of the former fortress Mont Royal, and Trarbach on the right side of the river on the Hunsrück side. While Traben is located on a large width on the banks of the Moselle, Trarbach elongated between the quite steep mountains.

Traben Trarbach

Calmont Region

The small and well-known wine village Bremm lies on one of the most beautiful Moselle loops in the heart of the Calmont region. The landscape has a unique character due to the steep slopes with a good 65 degree slope and a height of almost 400m. Der Bremmer Calmont is the steepest vineyard in Europe. Besides the picturesque and award-winning Moselle villages Neef and Ediger Eller counts to the Calmont region. Stroll through the streets with numerous historical monuments and half-timbered houses, enjoy excellent wines and excellent gastronomy.



Ediger Eller


Narrow streets and corners as well as the castle ruin Metternich make the winegrower place one of the most beautiful and romantic places along the Moselle. Visit the picturesque center and the castle Metternich above the charming village. It's really worth it!


Burg Metternich

Burg Eltz

You are cordially invited to Eltz Castle and Eltz Forest - welcome! We have been here for more than 850 years and are doing everything within our means to preserve our ancestral home. Experience the Middle Ages and nature in its purest form! We are proud of our fairy tale in stone and take pleasure in sharing it with you!

Burg Eltz

Reichsburg Cochem

The contours of the neo-gothic building rise more than about 330 ft above the river Moselle on an outstanding hill. The silhouette of the towering hill seems to continue in the building which is topped by the slate roof of the massive keep. As for its structure, Cochem Castle belongs to the category of castles protected by height that had to be protected all around. Romanesque fragments found in the well indicate a reinforcement of the castle around 1056.

Reichsburg Cochem

Deutsches Eck Koblenz

The establishment of the Teutonic Order at the confluence of the Rhine and Moselle in 1216 gave this historic site its name, the “Deutsches Eck” (“German Corner”). Koblenz also owes its name to the meeting point of the Rhine and the Moselle - from “Castellum apud Confluentes”, Latin for “fort at the confluence”, which over time became the current name of Koblenz.

Deutsches Eck

Electoral Palace Koblenz

The Electoral Palace in Koblenz was the residence of the last Archbishop and Elector of Trier, Clemens Wenzeslaus of Saxony, who had the castle built at the end of the 18th century. Later, the Prussian Crown Prince (later Emperor Wilhelm I) resided here for some years as Rheinisch-Westphalian military governor.

Kurfürstliches Schloss

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