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Colourful city and enchanting Zealand:

Radial bike tour Copenhagen


Sunshine, beaches and coastal cliffs.

Denmark – that’s 7313 klometres of coastline with a great number of big and minuscule islands connected by bridges and ferry lines. That also is cozy half-timbered houses with thick thatched roofs, a colorful coat of paint and a garden cultivated with a lot of love around them. 5,2 million inhabitants are spread over the beautiful landscape (122 persons per square km, Germany counts e.g. 229 persons per square km). Denmark is the perfect place for a biking holiday! Many thousand kilometres of bike trail cover the country like a tight cobweb, running through dunes and natural conservancies.

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Denmark: Bornholm round trip from Rügen

Enjoy Bornholm, the small Danish paradise for cyclists. Bornholm offers Scandinavian landscapes in miniature like a picture book. The complete island is subdued by bike paths. You cycle on bike trails along the coast line round the…

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