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Grappa, ice cream and gondoliers

Cycling trips in Venetia

From the foothills of the Alps, in the Po Valley and along the Adriatic Sea, these cycling tours lead to the most beautiful sights of northern Italy. Easy, flat cycling stages, the delicacies of Italian cuisine, regional specialities (pasta, grappa, prosecco), great history and pure culture guarantee a cycling holiday with great pleasure. Our river cruises through Veneto offer wonderful views from the water. Discover Mantua, Ferrara and Venice by bike and boat. Or explore the entire northern coastal region of the Adriatic on a 3-country bike tour (Italy, Slovenia, Croatia) from Venice to Istria.

Our cycling trips in Venetia

This is how beautiful Venetia is

Venetian cycling
Our bike tours run almost completely flat, only on some routes there are some smaller climbs. You ride on quiet side roads, on asphalted bikes and well-paved field or farm roads, mostly along rivers and canals through Veneto.

Venice, but not only
Venice! City of winged lions, symbol of the evangelist and patron saint Mark, gondolas, canals and lagoons. It is also called La Serenissima, the most splendid. The morbid charm and grandeur of the palaces, the bell towers, the domes, the vaporetti rushing back and forth between the canals – all this is Venice. On millions of stakes, the city's works of art rest on wooden feet in the sea. It is said to be scattered on 118 islands, between which there are over 400 bridges and 177 canals. The Piazza di San Marco is, according to Napoleon, “the most beautiful salon in Europe”.
In Vicenza's Piazza dei Signori stands a column with the winged lion of S. Marco, the emblem of Venice's rule. Marostica with its two medieval castles, one upper and one lower, will also delight you. In Bassano del Grappa, every cyclist will be fascinated first by the covered wooden bridge over the river Brenta, designed by Palladio. Wide views up to the Po plain and on elegant villas in the distance offers Asolo. A town worth seeing with a cathedral, magnificent villas and a winged lion on the Fontana Maggiore.

The Piazza dei Signori is the centre of Treviso with the dominating Palazzo dei Trecento. The Fontana delle Tette is just around the corner, the tit fountain.

Art in Veneto
The art metropolis of the region is clearly Venice. During the Renaissance, the city was a kind of art centre, where artists such as Tintoretto, Bellini, Carpaccio, Titian and the composer Verdi liked to spend their time. In the course of time many palaces and magnificent buildings were built in and around Venice. Throughout Veneto you can admire the country villas of Palladio that follow the strict classicist style. Impressive frescoes by Giotto can be found in the Scrovegni Chapel in Padua. But great works of art can be found in almost every place in Veneto.

Lagoons and Islands
Veneto consists of a small part of the mountains or the Dolomites, of a few hills and mostly of the lowlands of the Po Valley and the lagoons. There is a lot of nature between the Adriatic Sea, rivers and nature reserves. The lagoon of Venice is a large wetland covering 550 square kilometres and is a kind of harbor separated from the Adriatic Sea by headlands and islands. It contains countless islands. The region is on the migration route of many birds. Birds of prey and nocturnal can also be found on the islands in the lagoon. Waders such as the white-tailed whistle and the dwarf tern nest in the dunes.

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