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Cycling holidays in the gourmet country of Piedmont

Biking tours in Piedmont

Piedmont is still almost an insider tip for cycling holidays in Italy. This is especially true for cyclists who value good cuisine. Fantastic wines, aromatic truffles, the finest chocolate and a refined cuisine offer cycling gourmets the perfect setting for an active culinary holiday. The lovely landscape, gentle vineyards and the majestic Alps in the distance provide new variety every day. Turin is also absolutely worth seeing. As the former capital of Italy, the "Baroque beauty" shines with numerous residences of the royal house of Savoy, which are UNESCO World Heritage Sites.

Our cycling tours in Piedmont

This is how beautiful piedmont is

Piedmont cycle routes
The cycle routes through beautiful Piedmont range from flat to hilly. Some climbs are unavoidable, but you shouldn't let this put you off. On your Piedmont cycle tour, you will sometimes cycle on cycle paths, but mainly on small side roads and almost always on tarmac.

Turin ABC - Arcades, baroque and cafés
The former capital of Italy, Turin, shines with dead straight streets lined with baroque buildings and kilometre-long arcades. It feels like there is a café in every third building. And what cafés they are: Cafés that look like palaces with finely chiselled mirrors, polished wooden counters, sparkling red marble tops on the cast-iron table frames and leather-covered armchairs. At 167.50 metres high, the Mole Antonelliana is visible from afar and today houses a museum and a tower with a viewing platform. Savoy residences, baroque buildings that are UNESCO World Heritage Sites, can be found at every turn in the former capital of the Savoy dynasty. Piazza San Carlo is lined with baroque palaces. The Palazzo Madama, the palace of the two royal ladies who continued to run the government after the death of their husbands, can be found in Piazza Castello, as can the Palazzo Reale, the cathedral and the Cappella della Sindone with the Shroud of Turin.

Art, culture, museums
You will find a wide range of highly interesting museums in Turin: Museo Egizio, Egyptian Museum, the most important in Europe, Galleria Civica d'Arte Moderna GAM, Gallery of Modern Art, or the Museo Nazionale del Cinema, Cinema Museum, to name but a few. The latter is housed in the city's landmark, the Mole Antonelliana.

Today, Turin is known as a city of contemporary art. Events such as the Artissima Fair and the Contemporary Art Week take place here. But the smaller villages will also surprise you with art: In Maglione, almost every house wall is adorned with modern art. A first-class open-air gallery!

Truffle city Alba and aperitif city Turin
The gourmet region of Piedmont leaves nothing to be desired for gourmets. No wonder that the "Slow Food" association was founded in Piedmont, more precisely in Bra. Its criteria are good, clean and fair. The focus is on regional and seasonal produce on the plates and on biodiversity. In the truffle town of Alba, savour the aromatic Piedmontese truffles in a wide variety of flavours.  You will also taste fantastic wines, especially Barolo.
Do as the people of Turin do and head for a coffee in one of the time-honoured establishments. Bicerin, a local speciality made from coffee, chocolate and cream, is of course a must-try. Or would you prefer an aperitivo? Turin is also known as the capital of aperitifs; vermouth was invented here in 1768.

Undulating and hilly
Piedmont is undulating, hilly country with numerous vineyards to the left and right of the routes, distant views as far as the Alps and unspoilt bathing lakes. The Alps are clearly outlined against the azure Piedmont sky, as are the majestic castles with their battlements. A fantastic picture. Some areas are more agriculturally characterised. Even kiwis and peaches thrive in the mild climate. There are two national parks and 77 regional parks and nature reserves in Piedmont, as nature is highly valued here. The mountains are home to marmots, chamois, eagles, deer and foxes. Columbines and wild tulips bloom along the roadside.

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