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Sortive tour: For active cyclists with a normal to good level of fitness

Lahn: sportive from the source

6 days
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from 449,00 €

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can be booked

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  • Landgrafenschloss in Marburg
  • Runkel
  • Beach Bar in Marburg
  • Marburg
  • Limburg
  • Bei Dietkirchen
  • Wetzlar
  • Limburg mit Limburger Dom
  • Die Lahn bei Marburg
  • Holztechnickmuseum in Wißmar
  • Markt in Wetzlar
  • Wetzlar
  • Burgruine Runkel
  • Lahn-Radweg bei Villmar
  • Lahn bei Villmar
  • Lahn zwischen Marburg und Gießen
  • Marburger Oberstadt Ansicht
  • Radstrecke zwischen Weilburg und Limburg
  • Rhein
  • Radler bei Villmar

tour description

Red cheeks are for sure

The sportive 6-day trip from the spring to the mouth.


This trip starts at the source of the river Lahn in the middle of the forest Rothaargebirge. You will discover the lively town of Marburg, seat of the historical university, the Elisabeth church and the Landgraves castle. The towns casual atmosphere and the homey bars are waiting for you to stop by. Afterwards, enjoy the calm in the narrow streets of Wetzlar historical Old-town with its typical half-timbered constructions and marvel at the cathedral of Limburg, famous in the whole world. But Limburg has even more to offer: The beautiful Old-town has been designated a historic monument! After Limburg you will have the chance to enjoy the beauty of the landscape while cycling through untouched valleys far off from any traffic before reaching your final destination Koblenz at the river Rhine.

1. day Lahnquelle arrival

In the middle of the forest you stay in a cosy hotel directly at the spring of the Lahn (if you arrive by train it is possible to book a transfer from the train station in Feudingen).

2. day Lahn spring - Marburg 67 km

Time flies on your first day of cycling. Starting at the spring of the Lahn you roll through densely wooded countryside via Feudingen to Bad Laasphe. You cycle via Biedenkopf into the old town of Marburg. Culture and history have always aroused each other in Marburg.This was already the case in the 13th century: the Teutonic Order, in honor of the 1231 St. Elisabeth, built the first Gothic hall church on German soil. The Elisabeth church became a destination for pilgrims from all over the country. The famous Elisabeth church and the landgraves' palace are worth visiting. In the evening you can enjoy wonderful hours in international restaurants or in students pubs. 

3. day Marburg - Braunfels 62 km

Today you cycle through wide meadows at the Lahn via Giessen to the cathedral town of Wetzlar. You should definitely plan a visit of the Old Town - it's worth it! Don't miss out the visitors mine pit Fortuna, it is absolutely worth seeing.

4. day Braunfels - Limburg 58 km

Another highlight is waiting for you. Using the Lahn bike trail you cycle to Weilburg. You should not miss to visit the renaissance palace of Weilburg. Pretty close along the river you follow the Lahn bicycle path. Visit the probably largest ruin of a castle in Germany in Runkel, before you reach the world famous cathedral and the old town of Limburg.

5. day Limburg - Koblenz 59 km

Once again the Lahn bicycle path offers great cycling experiences. On this former towpath you cycle to Balduinstein. On this part of the tour the bicycle path seems to be taken out of a picture book. A stop at a Lahn wine grower or in an old pub at the Lahn refreshes mind and palate. Visit Nassau castle and the worth seeing traditional spa Bad Ems, before the Rhine valley opens up in front of your eyes. In Lahnstein you have to say goodbye to the idyllic course of the river Lahn, because for the last remaining kilometres you follow the Rhine bicycle path to the centre of Koblenz.

6. day Koblenz departure

Koblenz departure

After breakfast your long journey from the spring of the Lahn to the Rhine ends. You can add our tours along the Rhine, Moselle, Ahr and Kyll or you may have another nice cycling holiday in the centre of Germany.



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Lahn: sportive from the source
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6 days
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beginners-intermediate: Easy cycling, pushing the bike now and then.
moderate: for people in a general good shape, a few stretches across more difficult terrain, or pushing the bike.
difficult: For experienced bikers, several tracks in hilly terrain.

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Lahnquelle Single room Category A
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Lahnquelle Single room Category B
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Koblenz Double room Category A
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Koblenz Single room Category A
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Koblenz Double room Category B
48,00 €
Koblenz Single room Category B
78,00 €
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  • room with shower/bath/WC
  • luggage transport
  • map of bike trails with marked route
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  • 25% reduction for children under 14 years of age in a room with two people paying the full price
  • 15% reduction for children under 14 years of age in their own room


worth knowing

Worth knowing

Below you will find specific information about the bike trip on the Lahn - bike path. If you have further questions about this trip, you simply call us: Phone: 06421 – 886890.

Arrival by train

The nearest railway station is Feudingen. A transfer from the station in Feudingen to the hotel at the source of the Lahn can be booked inexpensive via the hotel. Per trip (maximum 6 people), the fee is 20.00 EUR. Current schedule information and price information can be found at:

Parking facilities at the hotel

At the hotel Forsthaus Lahnquelle you can park your car for the whole duration of the trip.

The fee per parking space is 30.00 EUR.There are always many parking sport available, a reservation is not required.

Condition of cycle paths

The Lahn Valley Bike Trail leads through beautiful and varied landscapes of forests, hills, meadows, wetlands and steep slopes studded with rocks. The Lahn originates in the middle of silent forests in the low mountain ranges Siegen-Wittgenstein, the most densely forested region of Germany. After the Lahn has left the mountain country, the Lahn valley widens and passes into a hilly landscape. The Lahn then runs through an open and fertile Shire before the slopes come closer and form a gorge-like valley. In the last section the Lahn runs in tight turns to its mouth with the Rhine at Lahnstein.

The Lahn Valley Cycle Route was honoured in 2006 as one of the first cycle tracks in Germany, with 4 out of 5 stars by the ADFC. Evaluated have been navigability, eviction, security and tourism infrastructure.

You cycle on mostly flat, paved hiking and cycling trails aside from traffic noise, only occasionally a few gradients must be overcome. The route is very well signposted. Most of the time the railway line runs parallel to the bike path.

Available rental bikes

If you choose to rent a velocipede-rental bike for the tour,you can choose between woman’s and men's bicycles either with 7-speed gear shift and coaster brake or 27-speed gear shift and freewheel or electric bikes. All ladies' bikes have a low opening that makes mounting and dismounting much easier. The bikes are suitable for all ladies from 150 cm in height and for all gentlemen from 165 cm in height. You simply specify your wishes at time of booking.

Velociped rental bikes

Transfer back to the starting point of the journey

Daily at 9am there is the possibility to transfer back to the source of the Lahn with a small bus (with bike trailer). Arrival at 11.30am. The driver comes to pick you up at your hotel and has much room for you, your luggage and where required your own bicycle. The bus takes you back to your first hotel, thus ensuring a perfect return service.

7 day hotline service

Just in case the bike chain breaks, flooding makes it impossible to continue your tour or any
other nasty surprise: You can reach us seven days a week and we will do anything to help
you as fast as possible.

tour highlights

The Old Town Bad Laasphe

The state-approved Kneipp spa at the entrance to Wittgensteiner country was named as a health resort in 1983. The old town is dominated by 63 historic listed houses, which exude a cozy flair.

Old town in Bad Laasphe

Elisabeth church Marburg

As the first purely Gothic hall church on German ground a particular importance comes up of the Elisabethkirche art historically. The simple Early-Gothic architecture of the building is a special experience for many visitors.

Elisabeth church in Marburg

The Marburg Castle

The Marburg Castle is one of the most strinking buildings in the city of Marburg. It was built as a castle in the 11th century and is, apart from its historical meaning as the first residence of the county Hessen, of great interest in art and architecture.

Castle Marburg

The Old Town Wetzlar

Explore Wetzlar's Old Town on foot! This historic tour will take you through medieval marketplaces and steep piazzas, through narrow streets and romantic nooks and crannies, and presents you with 43 historic buildings with historical background in Wetzlar's old town.

Old town in Wetzlar

Old town in Wetzlar

The Cathedral Wetzlar

The cathedral in the cathedral. What makes the Wetzlar cathedral so unique, you should have a look at close range.

Cathedral in Wetzlar

Castle Weilburg

The high-level castle existing of four wings forms the oldest part of the whole complex Weilburger castle. This part was built in the style of the Renaissance in part steps in the years 1533-1572 and was preserved till this day almost consistently.

Castle Weilburg

Guided City Tour in Limburg

Limburg can look back on a long history full of change. This story has not always been peaceful. Take a trip with us through the long past times.



The Cathredal in Limburg

The Limburger cathedral, called also Georgsdom, sits enthroned above the Old Town of Limburg beside the castle Limburg. The high situation on the rock above the Lahn provides for the fact that the cathedral is visible far away. Today the construction is valid as one of the perfect creations of late Romanesque architecture. Nevertheless, there already appear elements of the early Gothic.

Cathedral in Limburg


Woodroad Bad Ems

Steadily she pushes the precipitous mountain up - the health resort woodroad, summit forward of Bad Ems. What seems of wide one like a floating hat box is a quick and ecologiacally friendly traffic facility. Two cabins of the funicular railway connect the city centre with the spa area on the Bismarck's height in the shuttle service. From there on top the visitior has an imposing view of the health resort town and the whole Lahntal as well as the heights of the Taunus. A cafe directly situated in the top terminal and restaurant invites with a panoramic terrace to the enjoyment of the sight.

Woodroad in Bad Ems

The Marksburg Braubach

The Marksburg castle built in the 12th century became the landmark of the town and is the only undestroyed height castle at the Mittelrhein. Today the Marksburg is a seat of the German castle union and is visited by tourists from all over the world. The US-president Richard Nixon at that time who can be inspired in a state visit here from the Rhine romanticism probably belongs to the best known visitors. In Japan even a faithful simulation stands in a fun fair, after the German castle union refused to let clear away the castle against payment of an invonceivable sum and to let rebuild in Japan. (See more over: "Thus the Marksburg came to the Pacific beach").

The Marksburg offers controlled inspections and the Marksburg-Schänke organise a knight's meal for announced societies.

Die Marksburg in Braubach

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