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Fulda: from the source to Hann. Münden

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  • Wasserkuppe Rhön
  • Melsungen
  • Wildpark Gersfeld Rhön
  • Dom in Fulda
  • Fulda
  • Schlitz
  • Fulda
  • Fulda
  • Typisches Fachwerk
  • Brücke bei Hann.Münden
  • Hann.Münden
  • Melsungen Innenstadt
  • Bronzefiguren in Melsungen
  • Radweg bei Kassel
  • Innenstadt Schlitz
  • Fulda bei Kassel
  • Melsungen
  • Gersfelder Schloss
  • Gleitschirmfliegen an der Wasserkuppe
  • Im Wildpark im Gersfeld
  • Hängebrücke Hann.Münden
  • Ausblick von der Wasserkuppe
  • Vorderburg Schlitz
  • Fulda

tour description

When rivers meet

The Fulda bike trail. Individual.


Discover this idyllic river touring bike route, still unknown to most cyclists. Start in romantic Rhön at 950m and follow the well-signposted Fulda bikeway down into the valley. Trough meadows and fields you cycle, mainly directly on the beautiful course of the river. You pass ravishingly beautiful half-timbered towns and cycle along the densely wooded Voglesberg. Then you whizz snugly on asphalt bike lanes through the river valley. It?s nice that you have enough time getting to know the manifold sights of this region! You will be crazy about the baroque quarter in Fulda, with cathedral, castle, orangery and nobeless palace. The acme is Hann. Münden, a half-timbered town of European status. Here at the confluence of Fulda and Werra your trip ends or you might prolong your cycling holiday along the Weser.

1. day Gersfeld arrival

From Fulda you will get quite comfortable to Gersfeld in the midst of Röhn. Parking sites free of charge and rental bikes are available at the hotel.

2. day Gersfeld - Fulda 42 km

In the morning, a short Transfer (10 km), will bring you and your bikes up to a height of 950m. You will follow the Fulda downwards on well constructed bike lanes through the splendid nature of Röhn. In Fulda you should take your time to visit the famous baroque district.

3. day Fulda - Bad Hersfeld 55 km

Today you will dive into the densely wooded Vogelsberg. The romantic castle town Schlitz will enthuse you, before you reach the festival town Bad Hersfeld (tickets available on request in pre-sale).

4. day Bad Hersfeld - Melsungen 53 km

One of the most beautiful sections of the Fulda bike lane awaits you today! The romantic half-timbered Old Town of Rotenburg is situated within the most narrow part of the valley channelling the Fulda. Melsungen offers lovingly restored half-timbered houses.

5. day Melsungen - Hann. Münden 64 km

Today another great day! You cycle in Kassel through the floodplain of Fulda and reach Hann. Münden - one of the 7th most beautiful situated cities in the world (Alexander von Humbold). Idyllically situated on the confluence of Werra and Fulda, the Old Town still impresses all its visitors - with half-timbered houses up to six hundred years old.

6. day Hann. Münden departure

After breakfast in the hotel your journey along the Fulda will be over. For all of you, who still want to cycle further, we recommend a prolongation of your cycling holiday along the Weser. We would therefore like to submit a special offer.

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Fulda: from the source to Hann. Münden
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Individual tours: Here you decide when and with whom you would like to travel. We provide you with detailed tour documents and practical planning tips, and you enjoy our all-in, worry-free package with separate luggage transport throughout your tour.

Guided tours: You can simply get on your bike and enjoy a group holiday (8–20 participants). Your tour guide will take care of everything, and your luggage will be transported separately.

6 days
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This overview shows you the grade of difficulty for our tours:

easy: Very relaxed cycling in mostly flat terrain.
beginners-intermediate: Easy cycling, pushing the bike now and then.
moderate: for people in a general good shape, a few stretches across more difficult terrain, or pushing the bike.
difficult: For experienced bikers, several tracks in hilly terrain.

In the case of our original Velociped tours, we are the tour operator. We organise and accompany these tours personally.

So that you have an even bigger selection to choose from, we also cover additional routes in collaboration with long-standing partners. With these Velociped partner tours, we are the tour broker.

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Category B: smaller, family-run inns and hotels

Category A: Comfortable middle-class hotels

For bike & boat trips you will find facility details on cabins and shared rooms in the tour description.

Prices are per person.

Cat. A
Double room 485,00 €
Single room 605,00 €

Season 2

10.05. – 20.09.2020


Category B: smaller, family-run inns and hotels

Category A: Comfortable middle-class hotels

For bike & boat trips you will find facility details on cabins and shared rooms in the tour description.

Prices are per person.

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Double room 499,00 €
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Gersfeld Cat. A
Double room 44,00 €
Single room 55,00 €
Hann.Münden Cat. A
Double room 52,00 €
Single room 77,00 €

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transfer back to Gersfeld (every friday 11 am, at least 2 persons)
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  • special dates for groups of at least 6 persons
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  • map of bike trails with marked route
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worth knowing

Worth knowing about the Fulda bike trail

Please find more information about the Fulda bike trail below. If you have any further questions feel free to contact us by phone: 0049 - (0)6421 - 886890.

Arrival by train

Gersfeld is easily accessible from all major cities in Germany by train. Our partner hotel in Gersfald is located only 400m from the station. Current schedule information and price information can be found at:

Train schedule information

Parking facilities at the hotel

Our partner hotel in Gerfeld always provides parking possibilities. Sometimes even free, for the entire duration of your bike trip. There are always plenty of parking spots available, no pre-reservation is necessary. Detailed information on parking at your hotel, you will receive together with the detailed travel documents two weeks prior to departure.

Condition of cycle paths

From the Fulda source close to the mountain Wasserkuppe (950 m above sea level) to the mouth of the Weser River, the bike route goes through different landscapes of the northern and eastern Hessian Mountains. The largest part of the Fulda bike trail has paved bike paths, partly you also cycle on low-traffic country roads. Very rarely you bike on gravel roads. The route is signed entirely with "Fulda Trail" or "Hessian bike trail R1". From the Rhön until shortly before the Fulda the bike path leads pleasantly downhill. Then it runs consistently flat on without appreciable gradients.

Available rental bikes

If you choose to rent a velocipede-rental bike for the tour, we bring it to your first hotel and pick it up at your destination. You can choose between woman’s and men's bicycles either with 7-speed gear shift and coaster brake or 27-speed gear shift and freewheel or electric bikes. All ladies' bikes have a low opening that makes mounting and dismounting much easier. The bikes are suitable for all ladies from 150 cm in height and for all gentlemen from 165 cm in height. You simply specify your wishes at time of booking.

Velociped bikes

Transfer back to the starting point

Fridays at 11.00am there is the possibility to transfer back to Gersfeld with a small bus (with bike trailer). Arrival at 1.30pm. The driver comes to pick you up at your hotel and has much room for you, your luggage and where required your own bicycle. The bus takes you back to your first hotel, thus ensuring a perfect return service without transfer and the hassle of hauling luggage.

Tourist tax

A possibly resulting tourist tax is not part of the travel price and therefor it is payable locally at the hotel.

7 days hotline service

Just in case the bike chain is broken, flooding makes it impossible to continue your tour or any other nasty surprise: you can reach us seven days a week and we will do anything to help you as fast as possible.

Passport and visa requirements, health regulations

For EU citizens, there are no special passport or visa requirements and no health formalities to be considered for this trip.

Travel insurance

The tour price already includes the statutory insolvency insurance. In addition, we recommend that you take out travel cancellation insurance upon receipt of your travel confirmation in order to protect yourself against financial disadvantages in the event of travel cancellation, interruption of travel, illness or accident.

tour highlights

Cathedral Fulda

The cathedral is not only the most famous landmark in Fulda, it is above all the most important baroque church in Hesse. Since the elevation of Fulda's princehood to the prince-bishopric, the Gotteshaus is the cathedral and thus the episcopal church. Previously, she was the monastery or monastery church of the monastery founded in 744. The oldest predecessor church was consecrated in 751 by Boniface. At the request of the saint his bones were buried in this monastery church. His grave has been a destination for countless pilgrims since that time. The number of Benedictine monks steadily increased as a result of the burial of Boniface, and the extension and construction of the monastery and the church became necessary. This new building was the Ratgarbasilika, named after its architect. Until the 11th century the basilica was the largest church building north of the Alps. Adalbert von Schleiffras succeeded in replacing the Ratgarbasilika in 1704 and 1712, while retaining all the essential features of today's cathedral.

Cathedral Fulda

Residence Fulda

The city center, the residence of the Fulda prince-bishops and prince-bishops, forms the splendid center of the profane buildings. The present Baroque castle was extended as a four-wing-system with two side wings, which enclose an honorary court, in the years 1708-1714. Johann Dientzenhofer, who also built the baroque cathedral, was the master builder of the palace, which was built on the previous buildings. The "Historic Rooms of the City Palace" offer a glimpse into the lifeworld of Absolutism. You can visit the baroque banqueting hall with its adjoining rooms. There is also an apartment of the prince bishops of the 18th century, which was built around 1730, included in the tour. From the castle tower you have a wonderful view over Fulda and in fine weather to Vogelsberg and Rhön.

Residence Fulda

Orangery Fulda

The orangery, which forms the northern end of the palace gardens, was erected from 1721 on the plans of Maximilian von Welsch, who also supplied the plans for the baroque palace gardens. It was used for summer festivals of the prince-bourgeoisies and served as a place of storage for the popular ornamental trees such as lemons and oranges during the winter months. Hence the name Orangerie. Particularly interesting is the Apollo Valley in the center of the building, which is today the breakfast room and café of the hotel connected. The ceiling fresco with the mirror vault shows in the center sun god Apoll with its sun car. In fine weather you can enjoy the sun on the terrace in front of the Apollo Valley and a wonderful view over the park to the castle

Orangery Fulda


At 950 meters above sea level, the Wasserkuppe is the highest mountain in Hesse and the Rhön. But not only the height of the water dome, but also a moving history around the water dome make the mountain a special attraction. The water dome has historical significance in connection with the invention of gliding, but also because of its strategic importance during the Cold War. The current sport and leisure activities around the summit make the water cave one of the most popular excursion destinations in Hesse



"Burgenstadt" is also called slot. The old county names two castles and two castles. The Vorderburg, today the seat of the local museum, is largely made up of the Middle Ages. In the Renaissancestil the Hinterburg was executed, which was originally part of the city fortification. On the portal of the Schachtenburg you can find the symbol of pretzel, which plays an important role in the customs of the Schluches. The Ottoburg is an early baroque castle, which stands on the medieval town fortification. Schloss Hallenburg dates back to the late Baroque period.


Town Hall Bad Hersfeld

Five imposing dwarf gables in the style of the Weserrenaissance make the Hersfelder town hall the dominant profane building of the inner city. The jewelery architecture around the main portal and minor entrances follows the artistic rejection of antiquity. The helmet of the notorious robber-knight Eberhard von Engern, who had been pierced by a crossbow, hanged for centuries as a trophy at the gable of the Hersfelder town hall, and still today a replica keeps the memory of the Vitalisnacht of 1378 awake.

Town Hall Bad Hersfeld

Park Bad Hersfeld

Paradise of the seasons - the green heart of the spa and festival town of Bad Hersfeld. Germany's second most beautiful park in 2008 is an oasis of flourishing diversity with about 7 hectares, equipped with special areas of experience.

Park Bad Hersfeld

Town Hall Melsungen

Built in 1556 after the destruction of the old town hall by a great fire, it is considered one of the most beautiful half-timbered houses in Germany. It dominates the Melsunger market square freely on all sides, with three protruding storeys and its polygonal corner turrets. The building is crowned by its central tower, where the carved wooden figure of the Melsunger landmark, the Bartenwetzer, is displayed every day at 12 and 6pm.

Town Hall Melsungen


The expansive Karlsaue, with its artificial lakes and ponds, shows the Baroque form, according to which Landgraf Karl had laid the park in the 18th century. In the Karlsaue is also the bright yellow orangery, an impressive baroque building with two-storey pavilions, which originated in 1710. The former pleasure castle of the Landgraves is today still an attractive attraction as a museum for astronomy and technical history.


Hann. Münden

On the market square in the middle of the historical town center with about 700 half-timbered houses is one of the most beautiful representative buildings of the Weserrenaissance: the Münden town hall. Since the Middle Ages, the local government has been the seat of the local authority over the community, and has retained this function to this day. The town hall was rebuilt in the years 1603 to 1618 and received its distinctive jewelery façade today. The core is a 14th-century Gothic hall. On the north side of the town hall there is a clock play every day at 12.00, 15.00 and 17.00 clock, whose circumnavigation shows a scene from the life of the world famous Dr. Johann Andreas Eisenbart.

Hann. Münden

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