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Lahn: short

The short tour

Bike tour
5 Days / 4 Nights
individual tour
easy to moderate
559.00 €
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559.00 €

The short tour

A little bit more than a weekend - but a lot of vacation. On this bike tour you start in the lively university town of Marburg, famous for the Elisabeth church and the Landgrave's castle. Look forward to the relaxed atmosphere in the city with its quaint student bars. Tourism, culture and history have always walked hand in hand in Marburg. Starting from the 13th century: the Teutonic Order built the first Gothic hall church on German soil in honor of St. Elisabeth, who died here in 1231. The Elizabeth church became a destination for pilgrims from all over the country - a first form of tourism. When the university was founded in 1527, Landgrave Philipp the magnanimous laid the foundation stone for the cosmopolitan university city with students and visitors from all over the world. Enjoy the tranquility in the idyllic streets of the historic half-timbered town of Wetzlar and marvel at the world-famous Limburg cathedral and the city center, which is completely under monument protection. Immerse yourself in the flow of time. Enjoy a scenic highlight on the last day of cycling, away from any traffic you roll through the pristine valley landscape before your journey comes to an end in Bad Ems.

This trip is perfect for people who:

  • Short travellers: Experience a short tour that is nevertheless breathtaking
  • River romantics: Cruise along the beautiful Lahn through dreamy villages and beautiful towns
  • Nature lovers: Fall in love with the beautiful landscapes along the Lahn


St. Elisabeth Church
Construction of the earliest purely Gothic hall church on German soil began in the same year that Elisabeth of Thuringia was canonised (1235). The church which was erected by the Teutonic Order over the grave of Saint Elisabeth of Thuringia was consecrated in 1283 and became one of the most important pilgrimage sites of the late Middle Ages.  

St. Elisabeth Church

Old Town with Town Hall
Charming lanes and winding stairs, beautifully renovated timber-frame houses and historic churches – Marburg’s old town invites visitors to take a stroll, pass the time and relax with its unique charm. Everywhere you’ll find numerous documents and traces left behind by history’s greats such as the Brothers Grimm, Martin Luther or the Nobel Prize winner Emil von Behring.

Old University

Marburg Castle
The founding residence of the Hessian Landgrave was built as a castle to crown the land of the so-called “Gisonenfelsen” rocks. Origins date back to around 1000 whereby the Landgrave castle was counted among the first hill castles in Germany and the starting point for the development of Marburg. 


Marburg Castle

Guided City Tour in Limburg
Limburg's old town is one of the prettiest and best preserved in the region. It boasts a good number of half-timbered houses, some dating back to the 13th century, but most of them "only" from the 17th or 18th century. All those white houses with their red or black framework give Limburg a particularily cheerful atmosphere.


Guided tour in Limburg

Limburg Cathedral
With its multiple towers and hilltop site overlooking a river, the Limburger Dom looks like a Romantic castle. Located at the top of the attractive city of Limburg an der Lahn in the Rhineland, the painted church was built in the 13th century and only became a cathedral in 1827. It is well preserved in its original form and contains a multitude of murals and early medieval sculpture.

Limburg Cathedral

The Russian Orthodox Church, Bad Ems
The cross-shaped layout is typical for a Russian orthodox church as well as the colours of the domes; the blue colour symbolizes God’s wisdom. Insidethe iconostasis , the magnificently decorated partition wall between the room of the believers and the one which is only for the priest, shows the different patron saints of the orthodox church. Amongst them there is St. Alexandra to whom the church is dedicated.


Lahn: short

easy to moderate
Bike tour
5 Days / 4 Nights
individual tour
559.00 €
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You should plan enough time to visit the historic old town and the Elisabeth church. Enjoy the student atmosphere and visit one of the many rustic pubs in the evening. (it is possible to arrive by train/parking facilities at the hotel/rental bike at the hotel).

Look forward to the beautiful Lahn cycle path, which leads through the wide Lahn valley past idyllic bathing ponds to Wetzlar. Explore Wetzlar's old town and the interesting cathedral on an afternoon stroll. Stroll through the medieval market square, discover steep stairs, narrow streets and romantic corners. Experience the modern side of Wetzlar on the optics course. Here you will discover optical phenomena, such as a large diamond made of optical glass, which reflects the light with a sparkle, or a kaleidoscope with infinite reflections.

You leave Wetzlar over the stone bridge and you will soon reach the Fortuna pit (+ 8 km), the only iron ore mine in Germany, in which visitors can see ore mining using original machinery. The route to Weilburg, whose renaissance castle is located on a high rocky ridge above the Lahn, remains unforgettable in the landscape. The course of the river then winds between Taunus and Westerwald. You cycle on the paved towpath via Aumenau and Runkel to Limburg with its world-famous cathedral.

Away from any traffic, you roll along the Lahn cycle path through an untouched valley landscape from Diez to Balduinstein. This day has two climbs in store, whereby you can comfortably bypass one ascent by train (11 km). Then take a rest at the Arnstein monastery or Nassau castle before cycling to Bad Ems. You will be thrilled, because your first look is at the architectural gem of Bad Ems: the Kurhaus, the Kurcafe, the Marble Hall, the Kurtheater and the casino are presented in a long row. This "chocolate side" of the Lahn finds a worthy and beautiful continuation in the gardens of the park. Enjoy your stay and let your mind wander.

Your vacation comes to an end after breakfast. It is possible to depart by train, should you wish to return to Marburg, we recommend our transfer service.


Prices / Services

Prices per person in EUR

Services / Info

All-carefree service:
  • Accommodation incl. breakfast: 
    Category A: Comfortable middle-class hotels, mostly in the center
    Category B: smaller, family-run inns and hotels, sometimes 5 km to the urban centre
  • Room with shower/bath/WC
  • Luggage transport
  • Map of bike trails with marked route
  • Digital route guidance via smartphone app for almost all journeys
  • Tips for tour preparation
  • Touristic information
  • 7 days hotline service

Worth knowing

Below you will find specific information about the bike trip on the Lahn - bike path. If you have further questions about this trip, you simply call us: Phone: 06421 – 886890.

Arrival by train

Marburg can be easily reached by train from all major cities in Germany. The best way to get to our partner hotels in Marburg is a short taxi ride from the train station.

You can find information on timetables and prices at:

Train information

Parking facilities at the hotel

Our partner hotels in Marburg offer good parking options for the entire duration of your bike trip, a reservation is not necessary. Prices different.

You will receive detailed information about the parking options at the hotel booked for you with the detailed travel documents two weeks before the start of your journey.

Condition of cycle paths

The Lahn cycle path leads through charming landscapes with forests, hills, meadows, floodplains and steep slopes studded with rocks. The Lahn has its origins in the middle of  the low mountain range of Siegerland-Wittgenstein, one of the most densely forested regions in Germany. After the Lahn has left the mountains, the Lahn valley widens and turns into a hilly landscape. The Lahn then runs through fertile and open floodplain forests before the slopes of the Lahn valley come closer and form a gorge-like valley. In the last section, the Lahn runs in tight turns until it flows into the Rhine at Lahnstein.

In 2006, the Lahntal cycle path was one of the first cycle paths in Germany to be awarded 4 out of 5 possible stars by the ADFC. Among other things, Navigability, signposting, safety and tourist infrastructure assessed.

You cycle on mostly flat, paved bike and hiking trails away from traffic, only occasionally small climbs have to be mastered. The route is consistently well and consistently signposted. For the most part, a railway line runs parallel to the path.

Current information about the route can be found on the website of the Lahntal Tourismus Verband e.V.: Current information Das Lahntal

Transfer back to the starting point of the journey

Daily between 9:00 am and 10:00 am there is the possibility to use our transfer service back to Marburg (Arrival there approx. 11:00 a.m.). Pick up is at your hotel and the bus takes you back to your first hotel, thus ensuring a perfect return service. If you bring your own bicycles, an additional fee will be charged.

Extra costs which are not inculded

A possibly applicable city tax is not included and has to be paid at the hotel locally.

7 days hotline service

Just in case the bike chain breaks, flooding makes it impossible to continue your tour or any other nasty surprise: You can reach us seven days a week and we will do anything to help you as fast as possible.

Passport and visa requirements

For EU citizens, there are no special passport or visa requirements and no health formalities to be considered for this trip

Travel insurance

The tour price already includes the statutory insolvency insurance. In addition, we recommend that you take out travel cancellation insurance upon receipt of your travel confirmation in order to protect yourself against financial disadvantages in the event of travel cancellation, interruption of travel, illness or accident.

For all those who want to combine comfort with sustainability and only require digital travel documents, we grant a discount of € 20.00 per room.
Please let us know at the time of booking whether you would like to use printed or digital travel documents.

Available rental bikes

7 speed bike
27 speed bike
Velociped E-Bike
7 speed bike

We would recommend the 7-speed tourer for all those that are looking for a back-pedal brake and wide gel seat for maximum comfort in an upright sitting position. It is equipped with a simple hub gear shift and is perfectly suited to tours on flat to slightly hilly terrain.

27 speed bike

The 27-speed tourer is the best choice for cyclists that value the advantages of the dérailleur gear shift for flexibility whilst going up and down hills. This bike allows you to be a little more active without compromising on saddle comfort and practical everyday suitability.

Velociped E-Bike


E-bikes combine a lot of advantages. The electric drive ensures a completely relaxed cycling, even during long tours or on hilly routes. Other features, such as a suspension seat post and front fork plus well-tuned gears, ensure additional riding comfort.

your travel expert for this tour

I provide you with advice and assistance

Steffi Groß

Travel Expert

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