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Corona virus and holiday planning

Dear Velociped guests!

The Corona virus has created an exceptional situation. We are all affected by it – in many different aereas. One of these can be, for example, your already booked Velociped bike tour.

For you, that tour entails the anticipation of leisure and relaxation – and of course a financial burden. For us, jobs and our entrepreneurial perspective depend on it. It is our sincere wish to overcome this crisis together and to be able to get back on track as soon as possible.

Here we have put together the key answers to the currently most urgent questions in order to make this tense situation as easy as possible for all those involved.

Answers to the most important questions

(as of 09.April.2020)

Is the work at Velociped currently limited?

No. We are currently available to you as usual. In urgent cases by telephone, in all other cases please refer to e-mail.  

In such an extraordinary situation, can I just cancel free of charge?

Yes and no. If you were supposed to start your journey until May 15th, you can cancel free of charge. At the moment, holidays are simply out of the question. But the situation may (hopefully!) look completely different in a few weeks. Therefore, trips that lie further into the future cannot be cancelled free of charge at the moment.

What are the legal cancellation requirements?

Cancellation of your directly forthcoming trip is free of charge if your destination is quarantined or generally inaccessible. In all other cases, the cancellation fees specified in the travel conditions apply.

Does Velociped accommodate me in regard to cancellations?

We want you to be satisfied guests – even in difficult times like these. Therefore, we offer you two goodwill arrangements for bike tours which start in the period May 16th – June 15th 2020 and are organised directly by Velociped:

1. Reduced cancellation fees until the 14th day prior to departure
In order to relieve you of the current pressure to make decisions, we are changing our current cancellation scales. From now on and until further notice, a maximum of 20% of the travel costs will be charged as cancellation fees until the 14th day before the start of the trip. (Once again, please note: For trips that are generally impossible, no cancellation fees will be charged. See question "What are the legal cancellation requirements?")

2. Favourable rebooking offer
If you postpone your upcoming trip to a later date this year, we will charge a flat-rate rebooking fee of only 30 euros per person. At the moment, this will save you a cancellation fee of 20% of the travel price – and will also help to ease the pressure on the tight travel market.

Different conditions may apply to bike tours conducted by our partner companies. We will try to find accommodating solutions for you even in such cases. It is possible, however, that we will not succeed in all cases. We ask for your understanding.

Stay healthy!

Claudia Möllers
Christian Rhode
(Managing Directors Velociped)

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