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Corona virus and holiday planning

Dear cycling travellers,

Outdoor exercise, loving hotel comfort, delicious restaurant treats, inspiring cultural highlights and refreshing cycling stops. What would our cycling tours be without the caring commitment of our local partners, who give you a warm welcome in compliance with the current Corona rules and hygiene measures.

All cycling tours in Germany and Europe are currently possible.

FAQ – Answers to the most important questions

As of 03.02.2022

Can I book my cycling trip now?

All cycling tours in Germany and Europe are currently bookable. So that you can plan your holiday early without any risk of cancellation costs, we offer a low-cost "28-day cancellation option" for all Velociped original tours. Tours with this option are marked.

Are there any restrictions on the cycling tours?

In order to be able to guarantee a smooth travel process, tour participants are obliged to be able to prove the legally required vaccination protection or health status for the entire duration of the tour. Should guests travel without a valid Covid certificate, this is at their own risk. Any resulting cancellation or trip interruption will be subject to a charge.

Please inform yourself about the applicable regulations before booking your trip and keep yourself informed about current regulations until the start of the trip.

Can I still cancel my already booked trip free of charge?

In accordance with the statutory regulations, you can cancel a package tour free of charge if "unavoidable and extraordinary circumstances" (formerly "force majeure") occur at or in the immediate vicinity of the holiday destination which significantly impair the performance of the package tour or the transport of persons to the destination. The decisive factor is that this has been established by the authorities.

Should a travel or transport ban be imposed by the authorities for your travel destination and arrival and departure areas during your travel period, you can withdraw from the trip free of charge and we will refund your payment in full within 14 days.

Currently, such a situation does not exist for all trips in Germany and Europe. Therefore, a free cancellation is not possible and the legal travel conditions of Velociped apply.
If you do not have a valid Covid certificate for the travel period, a cancellation or interruption of the trip is subject to costs. In these cases, we cannot assume any additional costs, for example due to a flight or hotel rebooking, taxi costs etc.

Can I rebook my trip for a later date?

For most of our tours (except bike & boat) it is also possible to change the booking to a later date in this year free of charge up to 28 days before the start of the tour. A free rebooking to another destination is also possible after consultation. You can choose from a limited selection of alternative destinations. We ask for your understanding that rebookings are only possible within the scope of availability.

From 28 days before the start of the tour (84 days before the start of the tour in the case of cycle & boat tours), the tour date can only be changed by cancelling the previous tour (including cancellation costs) and rebooking another date.

I have booked a trip, my departure is imminent and I cannot start my trip because my home town is quarantined. Can I cancel my trip free of charge?

If you are not allowed to leave your place of residence, then you are also not allowed to check into hotels in your destination. In this case, you can also cancel your booking free of charge and we will refund your payment in full within 14 days.

I have booked a trip but cannot start my journey because I myself or a person travelling with me fell ill with Corona shortly before the start of the trip. Can I cancel my trip free of charge?

The financial risks of cancelling a trip due to an unexpected Covid-19 illness can be covered by travel cancellation insurance / interruption insurance plus supplementary Covid-19 insurance. Please enquire about appropriate insurance cover in your home country.

If Velociped cancels a trip, do I only get a voucher or do I get my money back?

You have the unrestricted right to get all your money back within 14 days. We strictly adhere to this rule!

An important addition to this: Your payments to Velociped are 100% secured by the "insolvency insurance" which Velociped as tour operator has taken out with TourVers. You will receive a corresponding "Sicherungsschein" (security certificate) from us at the time of booking, which proves this. You will get your payment back in any case, even if Velociped would be forced to file for insolvency.

For further questions and answers, please do not hesitate to contact us by e-mail or telephone. Our office is open Monday to Friday from 9.00-17.30.

Your Velociped Team

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