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Our radial tours.

Explore the countryside from only one starting point.

You’d like to explore as much of  the region as possible, but you don't want to move from one hotel to another? Join our varied radial tours and avoid hotel hopping! You start into a new direction and discover new regions each day and in the evening you come back to your starting point: your familiar hotel which we chose with great care and which is very well equipped for cyclists’ needs.
Make yourself comfortable in your room, have a nice breakfast in the morning and enjoy exploring new ways and places every day.

Radial tours

For water freaks.

Travel by bike and  boat.

On land and at sea: During our bike and boat tours you will experience rivers, lakes or coastal regions from their brightest sides. Cycling routes through wonderful landscapes alternate with relaxed trips on comfortable, well-equipped boats. Look forward to restful hours on the sun deck while lovely scenery passes by. You will be accommodated in comfortable and mostly air-conditioned outside cabins.

Bike and boat

For all-round viewers.

Make your holiday a round event.

The particular appeal lies in experiencing the diversity of a region. Our round trips offer you the perfect conditions. Point of departure and destination are identical – no return transfer is required, i.e. if you arrive by car you will also return directly to your car. Till then, enjoy a foray by bike viewing at scenic landscapes or cultural areas. You will have the right leisure to experience the impressive variety of a region. Relax and unwind on one of our round trips that guarantee you a literal round success.

Round trips

For lovers of extraordinary flair.

Charm-hotel accommodation.

The cherry on top of each day's varied stage is an exceptionally comfortable and enjoyable accommodation. On our charm-hotel tours you may look forward to a very special highlight at the end of each day. From romantic half-timbered building, picturesque wine estate, luxurious 4-star hotel with wellness oasis or imposing castle: Your hosts have furnished their hotels with great attention to detail, creating an ambience that makes you want to stay.

Bike tours with charm-hotel accommodation

Our wine and gourmet tours

Bike tours for body and soul.

On our wine and gourmet tours, delicious experiences are a given, literally. On these tours, we have already planned a variety of highlights for you – often we can even offer them as inclusive services. Look forward to wine tastings, culinary surprises, museum visits, boat tours and much more.

Wine and gourmet tours

For weekend extenders.

Experience that brevity is the soul of wit.

Only a bit more than one weekend, but quite a lot of holiday. Our short trips offer you the possibility to ride Germany's most beautiful bike trails within a few days - having still enough time for sightseeing.

Short tours

For unhurried people.

Take your time.

Cycling is getting a real treat. On our laid-back tours you will have enough time for everything: Follow beautiful bike routes on short day stages. Dismount and discover the winding lanes in historic towns. Go for a hiking tour or take part in guided tours through picturesque castles. Without any time pressure. Totally relaxed.

Laid-back tours

For group experiences.

Enjoying instead of organising.

Do you just want to go on holiday? Just enjoying and relaxing without planning and thinking? Then simply book one of our guided group tours and get to know lovely people and the insider tips of the region. We have selected the most beautiful routes for you and our tour guide will take you to well-known and hidden sights along the way. Often a tour bus accompanies your group. On the way we plan picnics for the group and take care of everything – in particular your beautiful vacation.

Guided group tours

For trained people.

Take it sportive.

You would like to bike with more speed? Our sportive tours require normal to good physical condition and are mainly suitable for bikers doing sports regularly. With all due respect to sportive ambition: There is enough time left to fully enjoy the attractions each and every stage offers.


Perfect for kids and company

Making a cycling holiday with children really fun.

No matter if your kids are 5, 12, or 17 years of age, they’re going to love these holidays on two wheels! We have put together some great journeys of discovery for our family tours. The stages are short and include plenty of exciting destinations, lots of adventure, and plenty of opportunities for fun, games, and relaxation. We want you to have a great time on our family bike tours. Take a holiday that everyone will remember for a long time to come.

Family Plus Tours

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