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North Sea Coast Cycle Route: Emden - Cuxhaven

Moin & welcome to the North Sea

8 Days / 7 Nights
individual tour
749.00 €
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749.00 €

Look forward to this cycle tour that promises a fresh coastal feeling. Idyllic little coastal resorts, small fishing harbours where old shrimp boats rock, imposing lighthouses and white sandy beaches with colourful beach chairs are waiting to be discovered. A special highlight is the Wadden Sea, which is on the UNESCO World Heritage List and will be your daily companion. Nowhere else in the world is there such a dynamic landscape, formed under the influence of tides and wind, with such a variety of different habitats. Experience pure idyll along the impressive coastline on your bike, enjoy the maritime flair of small fishing and seaside resorts and take advantage of the many sightseeing opportunities offered by Emden, Bremerhaven and Cuxhaven. From a culinary point of view, the North Sea coast offers many delicacies. Of course, fresh fish and hearty fish sandwiches are at the top of the list, but delicious dyke lamb and juicy steaks from salt marsh cattle are also among them. Your cycle tour starts in Emden, which originated around 800 as a Frisian trading town and still retains its importance as a seaport today. You follow the well-signposted North Sea Coast Cycle Route to Wilhelmshaven. You will cycle around the southern Jade Bay, cross the Weser estuary at Bremerhaven and roll cheerfully to the attractive seaside town of Cuxhaven, where your cycle tour ends with a double overnight stay.


Dat Otto Hus
Dat Otto Huus shows the career of the German comedian Otto, who came from Emden, through this small museum-like cabinet of smiles.

Dat Otto Hus

Rysum Church
The Ev.-ref. church of Rysum stands in the middle of the best-preserved round village on the German coast.

Kirche Rysum

East Frisian Tea Museum Norden
The historic Old Town Hall in Norden is the start of a journey on which you will learn all about tea: Starting with the East Frisian tea culture, the museum opens up fascinating insights from the growing regions, to the processing and production of the famous East Frisian blend, to the decorations of East Frisian tea ware.

Teemuseum Norden

Seal Station Norddeich
At the Seal Station National Park House, a team of professionals and volunteers raises these orphaned seals, known as "howlers", until they are returned to the North Sea where they can survive.

Seehundstation Norddeich

Jever Castle
Surrounded by an idyllic English garden, Jever Castle is one of the most beautiful architectural monuments in north-west Germany.

Schloss Jever


North Sea Coast Cycle Route: Emden - Cuxhaven

8 Days / 7 Nights
individual tour
749.00 €
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Welcome to the seaport town of Emden! Look forward to this small town, enjoy the maritime flair and marvel at the museum ships. If you arrive early, visit the famous Otto Huus, dedicated to Germany's most famous comedian. You can really laugh in this museum! In the late afternoon, a personal information talk and bike handover await you.

Finally you get on your bikes and start in the largest city in East Frisia. On the very well signposted North Sea Coast Cycle Route you first cycle through the Krummhörn (= "crooked corner"). Numerous ditches and canals criss-cross this varied stretch of land, which is dotted with wonderful little villages. Many of them have historic churches. Be sure to stop at the church in Rysum and marvel at the organ built in 1457 - one of the oldest in the world. Look forward to the romantic fishing village of Greetsiel with its 600-year-old picturesque harbour. Here you will find pure seafaring romance: charming historic gabled houses, idyllic alleys and one crab cutter next to the other. Treat yourself to a long break before continuing along the Ley Bay, where you may be lucky enough to spot seals, to the cosy tea town of Norden. Did you know that about ten times more tea is drunk per capita in East Frisia than in the rest of Germany? In the afternoon, if you are interested, visit the East Frisian Tea Museum, which presents this topic in detail in a lively, interactive and colourful way on a 1000 square metre exhibition area.

Experience the Wadden Sea World Heritage Site up close! Visit the seal station in Norddeich, which is responsible for the Lower Saxony Wadden Sea. Between 80 and 150 orphaned seals and grey seals are reared in the care station every year and returned to the North Sea. A large exhibition shows the life of the seals and provides detailed information about their natural habitat - the Wadden Sea. No matter whether the tide is low or high you then cycle from one North Sea coastal bathing resort to the next: Nessmersiel, Dornumersiel with a breathtaking panoramic view of the offshore islands of Baltrum and Langeoog, Bensersiel and Neuharlingersiel with its cosy harbour. For more than 100 years, the harbour has been the town's "good parlour". Every Sunday morning during the season, shanty choirs from the region sing here. Otherwise you just sit in the harbour with East Frisian tea or a Frisian beer, relax, chat and let your eyes wander. At the colourful cutters in the harbour basin, how quickly the crab fishermen scrub the deck, mend the nets.... What better way to end the day than relaxing like this?

In good spirits you cycle along the North Sea coastal cycle path to Carolinensiel-Harlesiel. With its 3 harbours, this place is truly unique on the East Frisian North Sea coast. The museum harbour, with its historic flat-bottomed sailing boats and varied gastronomic offerings, attracts many guests every summer. An approx. 2-kilometre-long promenade runs between the three harbours, with many restaurants and cafés inviting you to stroll and relax. You then follow the North Sea coastal cycle path leisurely to the over 1000-year-old town of Jever with its historic old town and castle, which is well worth seeing, before cycling towards the sea to the coastal bathing resort of Hooksiel. First mentioned in 1479, the town developed into a transhipment port for Jever. The old warehouses and packing houses give an idea of the past activities of traders and smugglers. The "Old Port of Hooksiel" has long been a listed building and has the character of a museum port. If you wish, you can visit the shell museum in the old town hall before tackling the last few kilometres to Wilhelmshaven. The multifaceted harbour complex, the German Naval Museum and the Coastal Museum will entice you. Stroll along Bontekai, where interesting museum ships are moored. The city's landmark - the 159 m long Kaiser Wilhelm Bridge - is hard to miss. When it was built in 1907, it was the largest swing bridge in Germany and still impresses with its steel construction.

Depending on the ferry option, your mood and the weather, you can choose your cycling route today. You can either cycle along the southern Jadebusen to Eckwarderhörne (75 km) or shorten the route by taking the ferry from Wilhelmshaven to Eckwarderhörne (not included, not daily, 45 km). Over the protective dykes you now cycle via Tossens, Langwarden and Fedderwarden through the wide marshland to the North Sea resort of Burhave, where the Weser flows into the North Sea. Take a break and stroll across the imposing 200 m long pier leading out into the Wadden Sea. You then cycle along the Weser to Blexen, where you take the ferry (not included) to the seaside town of Bremerhaven. Marvel at the maritime district Havenwelten Bremerhaven, situated on the Weser dyke. It is a lively tourist centre with unique attractions such as the Klimahaus Bremerhaven 8° Ost, the Atlantic Hotel Sail City with viewing platform, the Lloyd Marina, the successful Deutsches Auswandererhaus Bremerhaven, the Zoo am Meer, the German Maritime Museum, the submarine "Wilhelm Bauer" and the Bremerhaven Historical Museum. You will hardly get bored today!

Following the coastline, you cycle along the Helgoland Bay. Let yourself be enchanted by the unique ambience of the Dorum salt marshes and take a break in the picturesque Dorum harbour. Most of the colourful fishing cutters are still in operation here and make a wonderful photo motif. The informative cutter information boards provide you with interesting facts about the respective cutters. The main attraction and landmark of Dorum is the 37.4 m high Obereversand lighthouse. Climb the 84 steps of the outside staircase and you will be rewarded with a journey through the life and work of the lighthouse keepers in the late 19th century. From the upper gallery, you can enjoy a unique view of the endless expanse of the UNESCO World Heritage Wadden Sea all the way to the island of Neuwerk at the mouth of the Elbe. Then take a refreshing swim at Duhnen beach before reaching Cuxhaven and the destination of your cycle tour. With its historic centre, the pilot quarter and Ritzebüttel Castle, Cuxhaven knows how to impress its visitors. Visit the "Alte Liebe" pier with its beautiful panorama and take the opportunity to make an excursion to the seal banks.

Look forward to another day at the coast and in Cuxhaven. Take a day trip to the island of Neuwerk, which is only 2.2 km by 1.9 km and lies about 11 km from Cuxhaven in the Hamburg Wadden Sea. Not only the journey is spectacular (there through the mud flats by covered wagon, back by boat - or vice versa), but also the island itself. The most impressive building is the historic lighthouse of the same name with a viewing platform and a fantastic panoramic view. And in just 60 minutes you can walk once around the entire island on the dyke! Visit the unique Nature Park House, the island painter's studio and the famous island merchant at the tower, a sociable meeting place for nice people. Alternatively, if you don't plan to visit the island today, simply stay in Cuxhaven, which attracts visitors with sights such as the Kugelbake, the proud Hamburg lighthouse, the Ringelnatz Museum or the "B/H" wind semaphore (a device for optically transmitting weather information to ships) dating from 1884, or take a cycling trip on the mainland.

Your beautiful cycle tour ends in Cuxhaven after breakfast. We would be happy to book you an additional overnight stay.


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Worth knowing about the North Sea Coast Cycle Route: Emden - Cuxhaven tour

Below you will find specific information about the cycle tour from Emden to Cuxhaven. If you have any further questions about this tour, just give us a call: Tel.: 06421 - 886890.

Arrival by train

Emden can be reached by train from all major cities in Germany. The best way to reach our partner hotels in Emden from the station is to take a short taxi ride.

Rail information/Bahnauskunft

Parking facilities at the hotel

You can park your car in the public car park for a fee (approx. 30 EUR per week). There are free public parking spaces in side streets of the hotel.

Condition of the cycle paths

The North Sea Coast Cycle Route is easy to cycle. All routes are mainly flat or run on slightly undulating terrain. You cycle mostly on asphalted or paved farm tracks, occasionally on small side roads or on cycle paths.

Available rental bikes

21-speed unisex bikes and electric bikes are available for this trip. 7-speed hub geared bikes can be provided on request but are not recommended due to the routing. From a height of 1.85 cm, we also provide men's bikes on request.

Ferry Wilhelmshaven - Eckwarderhörne

The ferry MS Harle Kurier from Wilhelmshaven to Eckwarderhörne operates only from 01.06. to 31.08. MS Harle Kurier

Return journey to the starting point of the trip

For groups of 4 or more, you have the option of a comfortable return journey to Emden by minibus. Alternatively, you can return on your own by train. However, you will have to change trains several times.

Extra costs not included in the tour price

Any tourism tax that may be payable is not included in the tour price and must therefore be paid at the hotel on site. The ferry crossings and the excursion to Neuwerk Island are not included in the tour price.

7 days hotline service

If your bicycle chain breaks, flooding makes it impossible to continue your journey or other nasty surprises await you: We are available for you 7 days a week and will organise help as quickly as possible.

Passport and visa requirements

For EU citizens, there are no special passport or visa requirements and no health formalities to be considered for this trip.

Travel insurance

The tour price already includes the statutory insolvency insurance. In addition, we recommend that you take out travel cancellation insurance upon receipt of your travel confirmation in order to protect yourself against financial disadvantages in the event of travel cancellation, interruption of travel, illness or accident.

Your travel expert for this tour

I provide you with advice and assistance

Silja Pohland

Travel Expert

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