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Bavaria: 5 river round trip

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Cycling shorts meet lederhosen

Welcome to Bavaria! The most popular German region with its white-blue flags, relaxed pace and warm hospitality. The region with the most beer breweries, but also the region of history and Baroque chuches. Welcome to a whole "new Bavaria", nothing like the old clichés! The almost untouched landscape will impress you with its diversity and contrariness. The five rivers you will follow are the rivers Vils, Naab, Altmühl, Pegnitz and the famous Danube. Take your time for all the old small towns, the romantic villages and the changing landscapes. Enjoy the rough charme of the Upper Palatinate, romantic Franconia and the specialities of the Bavarian cuisine.

1. day Nuremberg Arrival

Nuremberg - with a history fo a 1000 years: The old free city with its grande emperor castle, famous churches and museums attracts lots of tourists every year. In the old part you will find pretty town houses, proud churches, the castle and the old town's wall, which is a ring of 5 kilometers around the inner part of the city.

2. day Nuremberg - Neumarkt 35 km

You leave the historical Nuremberg and roll along the Ludwig-Danube-Main Canal, a listed building, through beautiful nature to Neumarkt in the Upper Palatinate. A special landmark of the city is the castle ruin Wolfstein, which is enthroned on a mountain ridge. The old town with its striking chuch towers is always worth a visit.

3. day Neumarkt - Riedenburg 55 km

Today, they alternatively drive along "oxbow lakes" of the Altmühl, which captivate above all by their originality. Via Beilngries and Dietfurt you reach the three-castle town of Riedenburg, which lies at the foot of the ruins of Tachenstein, Rabenstein and Rosenburg.

4. day Riedenburg - Regensburg 60 km

An once in a lifetime nature experience awaits you with the wild and romantic Danube breakthrough near Kelheim, which you can experience by boat (not included). A visit to the Weltenburg Monastery and the oldes monastery brewery in the world should also be planned. Then follow the Danube via Bad Abbach to Regensburg. During a walk over the bumpy cobblestone pavement you can hardly get enough of all the historical buildings.

5. day Regensburg - Amberg 65 km

You leave Regensburg and cycle along the Naab river surrounded by meadows, forests and fields. On both sides of the river, Jura rocks up to 100 metres high tower over the lovely valley. At the castle ruins of Kallmünz a change of river is finally announced: Here the Vils flows into the Naab. Those who are keen on culture should take a break at the Hammerherrenschloss in Theuern before continuing to Amberg.

6. day Amberg - Region Hersbruck 45 - 60 km

After a flat section today's stage has some uphill climbing in the game for you. You reach the 1000 year old town Sulzbach-Rosenberg, which was built on impressive rocks far above. After a short break in this town you cylce on through one of the regions with the most forests in Germany, the "Hersbrucker Schweiz". The town of Hersbruck was a center for hop-growing and -trade for over centuries. Look up at the roofs: Some of the old wooden carvings stilll remind you of the hop-growing tradition.

7. day Region Hersbruck - Nuremberg 35 km

The famous "watergate" shows you the way out of the town Hersbruck and you cylce along the river Pegnitz through its beautiful valley. Castle Henfendfeld will watch over you from the top of a hill along the way. The town of Lauf at the river Pegnitz, the "gate to Franconia" is also worth a visit. Through glorious avenues, lined with many green trees, you cycle into Nuremberg.

8. day Nuremberg Departure

After breakfast your beautiful tour ends in the hotel of Nuremberg.

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Bavaria: 5 river round trip
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8 days
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Worth knowing about the 5 river tour

Below you will find specific information about the 5 river tour in Bavaria If you have further questions about this trip, you simply call us: Phone: 06421 – 886890..

Arrival by train

Nuremberg is easily accessible from all major cities in Germany by train. We recommend to take a taxi from the station to get to our partner hotels in Nuremberg. Current schedule information and price information can be found at:

Train schedule information

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The route mostly leads you over small streets and bike paths in forests and fields. These paths are mostly paved, only sometimes unpaved. You will find some more traffic in the bigger cities or on few parts of the itinerary.

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If you choose to rent a rental bike for the tour, we take it to your first hotel and pick it up at your destination. You can choose between Unisex bikes with 27-speed gear shift and freewheel or electric bikes. The electric bikes have freewheel and internal gear hub.

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It is possible to book extra nights during the tour. Please contact us to receive more details.

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A possibly applicable city tax is not part of the travel price and therefore has to be paid at the hotel locally. The boat trip on day 4 is not included in the tour price.

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For EU citizens, there are no special passport or visa requirements and no health formalities to be considered for this trip.

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tour highlights

Historic city center of Nuremberg

Many historical sights determine the image of Nuremberg's old town. The landmark, the Kaiserburg, is a must for every visit to Nuremberg. The large town churches St. Sebald, St. Lorenz and the Frauenkirche should not be missing on any tour. The Henkersteg and Weinstadel as well as the Heilig-Geist-Spital on the banks of the Pegnitz offer picturesque backdrops.

City Walks Nuremberg

Imperial Castle Nuremberg

The Imperial Castle is the symbol of Nuremberg. Since the Middle Ages its silhouette has represented the power and importance of the Holy Roman Empire of the German Nation and the outstanding role of the imperial city of Nuremberg.

Kaiserburg Nürnberg


With its completely preserved city wall and 13 towers, the city invites you on a journey into the Middle Ages. On a tour of the city wall, on the way through the winding streets of the old town, on a tow ride on the Old Canal - in Berching the past is very much alive. In the museum, during eventful city tours and theater tours, you can trace the eventful history of Berching.


Weißes Brauhaus Kelheim

The Weisse Bräuhaus in Kelheim is the oldest wheat beer brewery in Bavaria. Weissbier has been brewed in the historic vaults of the Weisses Bräuhaus since the beginning of the 17th century. Look forward to wonderful dining rooms, a picturesque beer garden and excellent Bavarian cuisine.

Weißes Brauhaus

Monastery Weltenburg Kelheim

The Benedictine abbey of Weltenburg is the oldest monastery in Bavaria and was founded around 600 AD. by the monks of St. Columbanus. It is situated near the entrance to the scenic Danube gorge, on the northern slopes of the Arzberg mountain, near the site of the ancient Celtic settlement of Artobriga. 

Monastery Weltenburg

Regensburg Cathedral

St. Peter's Cathedral is the only Gothic Cathedral in Bavaria. When you look up towards the spires of this imposing Gothic building, you will see kings on horseback, foolish virgins, and gargoyles with animal and human faces. It is located at the heart of the diocese, and is Regensburg's best known landmark. Once you are done admiring the impressive facade, you can feel the grandeur of the building when you enter it and see the marvellous light created by the glass windows. 

Dom Regensburg

Old Townhall Regensburg

Today, after numerous additions and alterations, you can admire the three-section building complex dating from the 13th century which consists of the Town Hall tower, the Gothic Imperial Chamber building and the baroque Town Hall. From 1663 to 1806 the Perpetual Imperial Assembly met in the Imperial Chamber. It was there that the well-known expressions “to put something on the long bench” (to postpone something) and “to sit at the green table” (to take important decisions) originated.

Old Townhall Regensburg

City Walk Sulzbach-Rosenberg

Start your approx. 1 1/2 hour tour at the Gothic town hall in Sulzbach. It consists of two interconnected parts of the building, the hall building and the transverse building. The basement was originally the "shopping center" with bread and meat bank and other shops. Today you will find the tourist information and other offices there. Now walk towards Luitpoldplatz, the center of the old town. From here you can see the palace complex to the west and the parish church on your right. From the 8th to the 12th century, Sulzbach Castle was an important center of power in the Nordgau and is one of the earliest medieval complexes in Bavaria. The lords of the castle from the Carolingian aristocracy had a number of buildings built. Including the castle chapel, which has largely been preserved to this day in the rising masonry of the chapel building. The monastery church of St. Hedwig, the former synagogue and the prince's spring are also worth a visit.

City Walk Sulzbach

Castle Henfenfeld / Pfinzingschloss

The steep driveway from the village leads through a baroque gate. Then to the north is the Voitenhaus, which has been changed several times, with the former Zehntstadel. The main castle can be reached today on a stone two-arched bridge over the moat.

Schloss Henfenfeld

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