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Bike tours through the Baltic states.

Do you feel like doing guided bike tours through virgin forest, cycling along intact lakes and across landscapes without being disturbed by any car for hours? Or through villages of the last centuries, or would you like to marvel at the baroque splendor of restored towns? You would? Then come to the Baltic states. On this guided tour, you will discover Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania.  With a sprinkling of very interesting guided tours, you will get to know not only the three Baltic states but also their people and their history. Bike tours educate.

Baltic States (1)

Guided group tours: Get to know great people and tour with a tour guide

Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania: guided tour

You like primeval forests, blue lakes and landscapes where you won't meet a car for hours? Villages that seem to belong to former centurys or baroque magnificence in well restored old cities? Yes? Then join us! You will learn a lot…

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