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Danube: laid-back tour Passau - Vienna

Pure Danube enjoyment

Bike tour
10 Days / 9 Nights
individual tour
899.00 €
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899.00 €

Look forward to this strolling tour between Passau and Vienna, because in hardly any other section of the Danube you will experience such a diversity of landscapes and cultures. Marvel at the high density of historical evidence. Quiet natural valleys, fertile plains and steep vineyards alternate with each other, beautiful farms stand alongside magnificent churches and monasteries. The Schlögener Donauschlinge, Melk Abbey, the Wachau, all these are wonderful signposts of the approximately 330 km long bicycle journey, on which you can enjoy between 40 and 55 km in the saddle every day. Look forward to Vienna and its many monumental buildings. However, the most notable buildings are not the palaces, but rather the large buildings such as the State Opera, the Town Hall, the Burgtheater, etc. , which were built in the second half of the 19th century. Of particular interest are the Art History Museum and the Natural History Museum. Not only are they home to great art and natural treasures, but they are also architectural masterpieces.


Passau is located in the southeast of Germany and borders directly on Austria. Due to the confluence of the three rivers Danube, Inn and Ilz, Passau is nicknamed the "Three Rivers City".


Cathedral of St. Stephen, Passau
St. Stephen's Cathedral in Passau is the mother church of the Danube East. Already around the year 450 there is a church in the late antique city of Batavis.

Dom St. Stephan, Passau

Knocked loop
The Danube Valley has an extremely aesthetic appearance, which probably finds its climax here in the Schlögener Schlinge.

Schlögener Schlinge

Enns is known as the oldest city in Austria, and the city charter dating from 1212 can be visited in the Enns Museum. The landmark of the city is the 60 m high city tower.


Historic Town Theatre Grein
One of the most outstanding sights of European importance is the Historische Stadttheater Grein. In 1791, the citizens of Greiner set up a theatre in the former granary of the Old Town Hall and has been playing since then.

Historisches Stadttheater Grein


Danube: laid-back tour Passau - Vienna

Bike tour
10 Days / 9 Nights
individual tour
899.00 €
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With the largest baroque church organ in the world in St. Stephen's Cathedral and a charming old town, Passau is really worthwhile. Recommended is the Three Rivers Boat Tour - a comfortable city tour from the water.

Look forward to the flat Danube cycle path, which takes you quickly to the pretty Danube market Engelhartszell. Here a visit to the Trappist monastery is definitely worthwhile. The Collegiate Church with its 76 m high tower is one of the stylistically purest rococo churches in Austria! Now it is not far and you reach the Schlögener Schlinge. The Danube Cycle Path leads you through this romantic river landscape, one of the most beautiful and original sections of the Danube with small villages and cozy wine bars. Take the ferry to the other bank of the Danube over to your overnight hotel.

Today you spend the whole day on flat bike paths. Take a worthwhile break in the Baroque market Aschach, marvel at stately town houses from the Middle Ages, facades and courtyards from the Gothic, Baroque and Renaissance periods and the magnificent parish church from the heyday of the 16th century. Afterwards you cycle a few kilometers through the hinterland to the Nibelungen town of Eferding with magnificent buildings such as the mighty, late Gothic parish church and the castle Starhemberg. In the afternoon, enjoy the city center of Linz (Capital of Culture 2009) with its impressive cathedral and beautiful old town. Here, in the evening, a stroll through the light-filled streets with numerous bars and wonderful refreshments is tempting. The old town impresses with impressive facades of historical buildings.

Today you follow the Danube cycle path along Lake Pleschinger to the Abwinden running power plant, which has been generating electricity and feeding it into the public grid since 1979. Here you cross the Danube and continue to the nearby town of St. Florian. In addition to the magnificent Baroque monastery, you will find a magnificent farm museum with farm furniture from 4 centuries, its own must museum, furnished horse stables and its own bakery. Look forward to Enns, the oldest city in Austria, with an impressive 60-metre-high city tower. From up here you have a fantastic view. Over 95 stone steps you first reach the bell room with 6 bells, over another 62 wooden steps past the clockwork, climb up to the old tower room. The last cycling kilometres of the day are over quickly and you reach your stage finish.

Today your beautiful bike route leads you along the Danube to the baroque town of Grein. Plan a visit to the oldest still performed city theatre in Austria, the Maritime Museum or the Greinburg. Whatever you decide - the stage finish Maria Taferl is quickly reached and you can end the evening with the wonderful view of the Danube.

In the morning you drive to Melk. Look forward to the town, which is also known as the "Gateway to the Wachau" and is a UNESCO World Heritage Site. The most important attraction, the landmark of the Wachau, is perched high above the Danube: the baroque Benedictine monastery Abbey Melk. Afterwards, look forward to a cycling day through the Wachau, because hardly any other landscape on the Danube can compete with the mildness and serenity of the Wachau. Spend the whole day in the saddle of your bicycle in the enchanting ambience of the orchards and vineyards typical of the Wachau (UNESCO World Heritage Site). A centuries-old winemaking culture turned the steep southern slopes with vines into heavenly steps and thus gave this section of the valley its typical shape. Take a well-deserved break in the wine village of Spitz in the heart of the Wachau. The village around the so-called Tausendeimerberg, which is so called because its vines are supposed to yield up to 1000 buckets of wine in good wine years. Here in Spitz, the wine even grows in the middle of the village. Take a break and enjoy the colourful Renaissance and Baroque houses and the beautiful square in front of the late Gothic church from the 15th century before continuing on to Krems. A wine tasting is already organized for you today.

Today you can really relax and explore the Wachau with walks through the small wine towns. Would you like to experience the Wachau from the boat? Then take a trip with the many boats on the Danube.

After Krems you finally leave the lovely Wachau and the landscape changes completely. Today you whizz through the wide, flat plain of the Tullnerfeld to the flower city of Tulln. On the way you can take a break in the historic town of Traismauer. Take a tour of the city and marvel at stone testimonies of 2000 years of history. The Roman Gate, the Hunger Tower and the remains of the city wall as well as excavations in the lower church testify to the role of the Roman small castle Augustianis in the defence of the Danube River.

Get on your bike early in the morning and cycle quickly to Vienna, because there is a lot to discover here. Look forward to the cosmopolitan city with its very special flair. Take your time, admire St. Stephen's Cathedral and treat yourself to a slice of cake in one of the typical coffee houses.

Today your journey from Passau to Vienna ends after breakfast at the hotel. We would be happy to book additional nights in Vienna. For the return journey to Passau we recommend our return transfer service by minibus (reservation required).


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Things to know about your trip:

Below you will find specific information about the Passau-Vienna laid back bicycle tour. If you have any further questions about this trip, just give us a call: Tel. : 06421 - 886890.

Arrival by train

Passau can be reached by train from all major cities in Germany. The hotels in Passau are best reached from the train station by a short taxi ride or by public transport. Up-to-date timetable information and price information can be found conveniently at www. bahn. de.

Parking at the arrival hotel

In Passau there are public parking garages (costs approx. € 45. 00 per week). A reservation is not possible and necessary.
You will receive detailed information about parking facilities with your travel documents about three weeks before arrival.

Available rental bikes

You can choose unisex bikes with 7 or 21 gears, 21-speed men's bikes and electric bikes. Simply indicate your bike preference at the time of booking.

Return transfer to the starting point of the trip

Every day it is possible to take a small bus (with bicycle trailer) back to Passau in the afternoon (departure between 14. 00 and 15. 00, journey time approx. 4 hours). The driver arrives at your hotel and has room for you, your luggage and, if necessary, your private bike. It will drive you back to your starting hotel and thus ensure a perfect return service without the annoying transfer or lugging your suitcase. It is possible to bring your own bicycles at an extra cost.

Nature of cycle paths

Very well developed cycle paths characterize the route from Passau to Vienna. They mostly ride on bike paths or low-traffic roads. The mostly flat route and the well-developed infrastructure make the Danube Cycle Path one of the most family-friendly long-distance routes ever. It often runs in the immediate vicinity of the river, sometimes alternatively on the parallel Danube dam with magnificent views of the river. On your way to Vienna, the Danube is lined with wooded slopes, vineyards, orchards and romantic meadows.

Extra costs not included in the travel price

A possible tourist tax is not part of the travel price and must therefore be paid at the hotel on site.

7 days hotline service

If the bicycle chain is broken, floods make it impossible to continue or other nasty surprises await you: We are available 7 days a week for you and will organise help as soon as possible.

Passport and visa requirements

For EU citizens, there are no special passport or visa requirements for this trip.

Travel insurance

The statutory insolvency insurance is already included in the travel price. In addition, after receiving your confirmation of travel, we recommend that you take out a travel cancellation insurance to protect yourself against financial disadvantages in the event of cancellation, travel interruption, illness or accident.

Your travel expert for this tour

I provide you with advice and assistance

Steffi Groß

Travel Expert

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