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Since 1988, we have been organising bicycle tours. This sounds quite unemotional, but in reality it is full of passion and pioneering spirit. As since then we always find the nicest places all over Germany and worldwide. We cross dark forests and white sand, we meet very singular people and know their stories and we are learning always more about the incredible variety of nature. Doing things really good means doing them with passion and whole-heartedly. That's what we have learnt from our own experience.  When founding our company more than 30 years ago, our main ambition was to share our joy of bike tours with other people. We explored the most beautiful routes and compiled the most attractive bike tours for our clients. Since then, we have been expanding our offer by many tours in Germany and worldwide. But our initial idea remained unchanged: Primarily, we must be enthusiastic about the tours ourselves. Only then can we be sure that you will like them, too.

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