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Nice moments in pairs require a special tandem! On our tours, we offer high-class tandems manufactured by the specialists 'Zwei plus zwei'. The Velociped tandem is also suitable for children as copilots from the age of 8 years up.

Technical details

Spring mounted seat posts

Starting together, arriving together, springing together: the saddle springing at the front and at the back is kind to back and material.


"Don't turn the driver". Thanks to an additional vertical tube, it is possible to adjust the saddle of the person in front irrespective of the person behind. With DTD, the cox now also enjoys the comfort of a cushioned seat post. And the skipper must not slouch any longer as saddle sizes demand.

Single free-wheel clutch

Thanks to the single free-wheel clutch, the skipper can take a rest whereas the cox reaches top speed. Thus, kids can dream or the partner enjoys being driven for a short while.

Gear Shift

The solid and smooth-running dérailleur gear shift Deore XT from Shimano with its 9-fold sprocket is easy to handle and allows leisurely drives through flat and slightly hilly terrain. For many years, this 9-speed gear shift has been used successfully for tandems in continuous operation. It has also achieved high marks in test runs by the Velociped team for its quick, reliable and precise way of functioning.


These 26" wheels are stiffer and lighter than the 28'' ones. Every tandem wheel must withstand much more than solo wheels, therefore, special hollow chamber rims offer greater stiffness. The rear wheels have double thick-end spokes in order to support high loads that may have impact on them.

Hydraulic oil-pressure brakes

The brakes of a tandem are extremely important: they must bring twice as much load to a stop as brakes of solo wheels do. Normal linkage brakes show a rather long distance from the brake lever to the rear wheel. Hydraulic oil-pressure brakes transmit the energy in real time through the oil pipe.

Adjustable stems

Everyone can adjust the handle bar as needed: the adjustable stem makes it possible.

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