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Electric bike


With an e-bike, the drive can be switched on or off at any time at the push of a button. So you can use the motor entirely according to your taste – be it only for ascents or headwinds but also as permanent support. Even longer and demanding day trips can be covered without effort. This way you will reach your destination fully relaxed.

On our Velociped tours we use high-quality e-bikes of the FLYER brand. On tours that are organised together with our partners, we also provide other models. Nonetheless, the quality of the electric bikes is always comparably high. Our e-bikes are manufactured by the Swiss company FLYER AG. They are technically mature and very robust. At present, we have models of the C-Series and Gotour4 in use. Both types are characterised by a multitude of proven and reliable components.


The motor is connected to the rotation of the pedals and only works when you are pedalling. You pedal with the power you want – using the support of the motor whenever needed. If the motor is switched off, the Velociped electric bike runs like a conventional bicycle. The driving speed is limited to 25 km/h. If you drive faster the motor stops automatically (legal requirement).

Technical details


The electric drive is a 250 watt PANASONIC motor centrally positioned at the bottom bracket and transferring its power to the bike chain. Thanks to this central position the bike has a low centre of gravity ensuring steady and safe handling as well as good steering.


The motor is powered by a powerful rechargeable battery with the latest lithium ion polymer technology. The battery provides support for driving distances of up to approx. 100 km per charge – depending on how much you use the engine. The recharging of completely discharged batteries takes about 5 hours. You can charge the battery at any time and do not have to wait until it is completely discharged.
- Battery 540 Wh / 15 Ah / 36 V (FLYER C-Series)
- Battery 630 Wh / 16.75 Ah / 36 V (FLYER Gotour4)

Operating unit

The electrical system is switched on and off via a display on the handlebar. The easy-to-read LC display is simple and logical to operate and provides you with a wide range of useful status information. In addition to the usual information of a normal bicycle computer (speed, odometer for daily trips and total distance, etc.), it also shows the battery’s current state of charge. You can operate the motor of the e-bike either directly on the display or via a separate control on the left handlebar grip. Here you can select the appropriate motor support or deactivate it. The useful pushing aid as well as the lighting can also be operated from here.

Gear shift

The Shimano 8-speed gear hub is equally well graded, and the twist grip ensures easy and smooth shifting, even under load. Therefore, you can always select the optimal gear while at the same time using a smooth motor support.

Suspension fork and suspension seat post

Thanks to their motor support, e-bikes offer enormous riding comfort from the get-go. They have to be particularly robust and safe, as there are greater support forces at work here. Battery and construction inevitably result in a higher weight (approx. 27 kg). However, this is more than neutralised by the motor support. Very important: For more riding comfort, our e-bikes also have a comfortable suspension seat post and a suspension fork. This effectively compensates for any unevenness in the road surface and makes every ride a relaxing experience.


Compared to their bigger 28-inch wheel siblings, the 26-inch wheels offer many advantages. Above all, they are stiffer and thus offer increased stability – and they are considerably lighter. Together with tyres specifically developed for e-bikes by the leading international manufacturer Schwalbe, they form an ideal team. Tests have repeatedly confirmed that Schwalbe’s e-bike tyres have excellent rolling properties and optimum grip.

Hydraulic brakes

The brakes on an e-bike are extremely important: absolute safety must be ensured at any moment, without ever locking the bike. The high-quality hydraulic brakes from MAGURA are best suited for this. They also offer absolute longevity and do not require maintenance.

Adjustable handlebar

The ergonomic handlebar forms a unit with the adjustable handlebar system “Speedlifter Twist”. This enables precise adjustment of the desired handlebar height in a matter of seconds without tools, while at the same time providing an anti-twist protection. This will turn the e-bike into your absolute feel-good bike.

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