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Black Forest round trip.

The Black Forest is the largest continuous Central German Upland. From north to south it extends over 150 km, measuring 50 km at its widest point in the southern and 30 km in the northern part. With a height of 1.493 m, the Feldberg in the southern Black Forest is the highest mountaintop. The longest river of the region are the Enz (105 km), the Kinzig (93 km) and the Elz (90 km). Important lakes are the Titisee, Mummelsee and Feldsee. Numerous reservoirs like the Schluchsee and barrages serve for the purposes of electricity generation, flood prevention and drinking water supply. Wood always used to be an important resource in the Black Forest. In the past, it used to be transported down the Rhine on floats to be processed in the shipbuilding industry. Constructional timber is still exported to Japan today. The wealth in timber constitutes the basis for further industrial sectors. Charcoal piles constructed in the forests used to serve for charcoal production which was needed for glass-making. In the isolated valleys of Black Forest, many farmers made cuckoo clocks of wood during the winter season, tradition from which the clock industry developed in the 19. th century.

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Black Forest: round trip from Titisee

Enjoy the beauty of the Black Forest by bike: Wide panorama views, savage canyons, cosy farms, blossoming meadows, densely vegetated forests and moors will fascinate you. The region of the Rhine and the sweet Markgräflerland with its…

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