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Pulsating joie de vivre and undisturbed nature.

There are many reasons for travelling to Hungary. Memories of the Roman Empire and architecture from a 150 years' time under the rule of the Turks, as for example splendid basilicas or pompous castles, are speckled over the whole country. Inbetween, this small country surprises with a tremendous wealth of nature. Rugged riverside, gentle hills and extensive lakescapes, densely wooded mountain sides and apparently endless plains make nature lovers' heart beat faster.

In the home of vivacious "Csádásprincess", you can still ride in the open countryside where neither fences nor prohibition signs bar your way. And also bikers find here perfect conditions for multifaceted tours.

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Europe Bike Trail: Vienna – Budapest

3 country trip Vienna-Bratislava-Budapest. In Vienna the Danube bike trail does not end jet, 281 kilometers lie between the Austrian and the Hungarian capital. Enjoy unspoiled nature, little-known treasures and monuments, cultural and…

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